Sunday, March 27, 2011


What up!  All of my other days are far greater than that last post, but those days happen too and make me even more grateful for the days I wake up feeling goooood!

Let's go back to my birthday dinner that Matt made for me... He grilled these huge mushrooms after letting them soak up some flavors for a bit.  Grilled bread, mashed potatoes and asparagus.  I mean, what!?  He would not let me even enter the kitchen until he was done creating, it was pretty cute and very tasty.  

And then for my weekend birthday celebration we had some great friends over.  Even Dale and Jamee came to town for the occasion.  It was great seeing everyone and we had a blast... despite what this picture shows:  (the boys took over the living room at one point and got really into a video game, I thought it was funny to see Jamee smashed between the guys on the couch.  Matt looks very intense while playing too.  We didn't let this go on for too long before we had the boy's join us back in reality... still fun though).

This weekend I went to two baby showers.  It is fun to have such a big handful of friends who either just had a baby, or will have a baby in the upcoming months.  I thought this cake was so cute.

My friend Kathleen is having a baby boy in May and I loved the brown and teal colors that were picked for her shower.  So cute!

Here is a picture of us girls at Kathleen's shower, three of the five ladies are preggers (Kathleen on the far left, Lisa in the blue dress and me!)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Not a great day....

So, today was not awesome.  And as my day moved along and things just kept coming up that were not going well, I entertained myself with a pretty humorous dialogue in my head.  I woke up leisurely (which is great of course) but I stayed tired all morning long.  I got dressed in an outfit I began to despise the second I left the house.  I had some interesting road rage for a few fleeting seconds.  I hated the way my hair looked.  My first appointment that I left the house early for I was not able to see my client at school due to a stupid assembly (no idea if it was actually stupid, just stupid in my opinion because I was not aware of it before going to the school).  I then went into work and could not log into my work server to check email, do anything productive or even get on the internet at all, therefore I drove all the way to work to use the microwave in heating up my soup and then ate it at my desk as I stared at the wall.  I went to my next appointment and things went fine there, however I am pretty sure I wrote I was there for an hour on the sign in sheet when really I was only there twenty minutes.  It is a tiny little thing I know, but it still was frustrating because my "baby brain" lapse of thinking has started coming up at very odd times.  I have trouble getting the words that I am thinking connected to my mouth to say them.  I have told many stories to friends and family members recently and in the middle of speaking I say "Did I already tell you this?"  I can't remember what stories I have shared, I feel as if I am repeating myself and I lose my train of thought every so often.  Then I was on my way to my next appointment and thankfully I called ahead to find out the kid was sick before I had to drive all the way to his school.  I was still feeling irritated and decided what I really needed was a hair cut.  I told Matt over the phone I went to get a hair cut spontaneously and he said "oh no, did you cut it all off?"  He was already anticipating a crazy quick decision made by his pregnant wife feeling particularly irritated on any given day.  I calmed his fears and said "no but I do feel a little off today".  I ended my afternoon with a quick hair cut and was at least happy that the sun was shining.

Now that I am home I have changed out of those miserable clothes, my hair looks great :) and I had a delicious snack.  Ohhhhhh, this day had to be documented somehow to remind me how very thankful I am because a "bad day" does not happen very often at all. 

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Because I am so late at posting a blog about our fantastic trip to Seattle, I decided it would be best to just show some of the awesome pictures we took while there.  We had an incredible time!  We spent some much needed friend time with my good friend from high school, Alisa and her husband Ryan and their son Owen!

We soaked up every second of the mountain air and beautiful nature that surrounds their neighborhood.
We got up one morning and walked on this path, it was gorgeous!  And then we went out to breakfast just the two of us.  Very fun, and notice the baby bump starting to form.... :)