Sunday, January 17, 2010

Another game night!

We hosted our 2nd game night in a week! Normally we host one every few months and definitely something around Christmas, but this year because of the snow and friends living further away, we decided to host two different nights to make it easier. Yes, we still have our Christmas stuff up, this is the longest ever, we just haven't made time for it and our christmas lights are just starting to thaw out on the porch so we'll finally be able to get those out.

We had three couples come to town and we played pictionary for the first time in years. I love having good friends over to our house, catching up and laughing. Oh did we laugh... it's so funny to see what one person's interpretation about a drawing would be... or the laughing it takes to describe the word you know what it is but can't say.... pinata!

Today we have nothing to do but pick up a few things and take down some Christmas stuff but I am left with a refreshed, good feeling about the people in our lives. We also celebrated Kestan's 2nd birthday yesterday and spent ten minutes just dancing in the living room with him to his favorite song. These kinds of weekends are my favorite and I am so very grateful for the wonderful people in my life. And for these very fun moments together...