Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's official!

We are pregnant!  If you are any kind of family member or friend of ours you already know this, and if you happen to see the good news proudly stated on facebook then you know this as well.  But I don't think I have officially blogged about being pregnant, and not that I need to get it out there in blog world to make it real, but it is definitely the biggest thing happening in our lives right now and it's worth mentioning.

This past Wednesday we found out that we are having a baby girl and we could not be more excited!  Seeing her kick and move, and punch, and snuggle her arm next to her face live was... definitely the most amazing thing we have ever seen.  Hearing her heartbeat will remain one of the best sounds ever.  And every single day has become a new wonder in her growth or my belly appearing more pregnant.  With the second trimester I have had more energy and am finally getting to some of the housework I have been meaning to for a while now, and that feels good.  Matt and I are both still shocked when I am the one who says "slow down" while on a walk with our dogs and then when we come home and I have to sit down for a while before thinking of doing something else... then I remind myself a human is being created inside of me at this moment and she needs a lot of my energy, not to mention my brain power.  I have had several slip ups while talking where my brain and mouth have somehow moved miles apart and really have trouble hearing one another.  Matt has done a great job of staying on his toes, handling my weird moments and interpreting almost every thing I say.

Things that used to bother me a little have amplified.  I love our dogs very much, but with all of this rain they come in the house with mud caked on their paws.  One of us sweeps the hard wood floors up, and about twenty minutes later while walking barefoot in the house I step on pieces of dirt.  I look at Jaxon who is the best at getting mud clumps in between his toes, he likes to save those pieces for later, for after we have cleaned the house several times, he makes himself comfy on the rug with a path of newly dropped mud chunks behind him. 

I am getting more of an appetite than I have had since before we got pregnant.  I cleared out all of our winter clothes, or items of clothing I know I won't be wearing for a while and now feel good when I look in the dresser drawers and find only tops that fit me now or that I will grow into. 

I have felt our little girl move around, or kick or punch, not exactly sure what she is doing but I know I have felt flutters unlike anything I have ever felt before.  It almost feels like I swallowed a tiny butterfly. 

My mom bought us some little girl outfits ranging from newborn to 12 months and it is so wild to try and picture our little girl and that she will be wearing those clothes in just a few short months!  Until we get to hold her, meet her and see her beautiful self we will revel in the continuing changes that we will go through on this crazy awesome journey.