Tuesday, January 31, 2012

65 and sunny

Hey ya'll. Brynn and I spontaneously went to the zoo this morning with my sister and her boys.  And we met up with a friend and her two boys there for lunch too.  It was so fun!  It was Brynn's first trip to the zoo and so fun watching her see a new place for the first time.  There were not a ton of animals out, but the weather was great and it was just nice to walk and be outside.  We took the little train ride which was great and thankfully everyone got off except us before the big tunnel (it's dark and a lot of kids yell and I thought it might scare Brynn) but it was great.  Brynn took two naps while there, ate lunch and just had a great time.

Then we got home just in time to play for an hour before joining my mom for a walk.  The sun came out even more (it was kind of cloudy at the zoo) and we walked fast for over an hour.  Good talking and another good workout.  I bet we will sleep well tonight!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

6 months!

It's time for an update, ya'll.  Who knew this parenting thing would be so, time consuming and tiring?! Probably every other parent out there, huh?  Truly, it is the very best thing in the world and I just love being Brynn's mom and a parent with Matthew.  And it is (at certain moments) the most tiring thing and the most rewarding (every minute of every day) thing ever.

Brynn is hitting new milestones every few days it seems.  Friday night we spent about an hour laughing and hearing her "talk" as she tried with all of her might to imitate the sounds we were making.  Today she rolled from her back to her tummy, it's real hard figuring out where the legs and both arms go, I mean seriously. Classic annoying question to get from someone who doesn't have a kid:  "Is she sleeping through the night yet?"  Ya know what, no.  She isn't.  This whole teething thing kind of threw us for a loop, made the first few months seem even more of a breeze than they already were.  She does however have the very sweetest and most fun personality.  I LOVE the new faces and noises she makes every day.  I love when she gets so excited to see a toy she hasn't played with for a few days, or any time I get a book out ready to read.  It's incredible watching her grow and learn and figure things out.  She is scooting around on her tummy now and is so proud of herself when she stands firmly on the ground holding our fingers for support. 

It's wild that in just a few short weeks Brynn will be 6 months old!  24 weeks ago right now we were in the thick of labor and things were starting to get more intense.  Our midwife thought Brynn wouldn't make her arrival until later in the morning and definitely sometime tomorrow.  Hearing those words I felt a little panic for the first and only time during our labor (thankfully).  I wasn't sure if I could keep doing what I was doing for another 12 hours.  Fortunately, Brynn was just as excited to meet us as we were to meet her and she greeted us just after midnight at 1:07 a.m.  Oh, I could write forever about the bliss that followed but I will just say this, I think about those moments every Monday now and it puts a smile on my face every week.

I have the best daily reminder to be present and enjoy each day.  I feel better sleep is in our near future and am so very thankful for our daughter.