Thursday, June 17, 2010

Weekend at the lake!

We happily accepted the offer our friend's gave us to stay at their parents' lake house. We grilled on the patio, rode jet ski's, kayaked around the cove, experienced nature, relaxed, played games, pretty much had a wonderful weekend with good friends. I LOVE just being outside and I also LOVE not having a schedule. At one point on Saturday after we drove around in a rhino (basically a fast off roadin' golf cart) it rained for a little bit and it was perfect time to watch a movie inside and take a nap. But right after the rain the sun was shining and we were back outside.

Saturday night we sat out on the porch, talked for hours, and played Scattergories and Taboo which turned out to be hilarious and so fun!

Hey handsome!!

Oh and I lost my favorite red pair of sunglasses, so I was wearing my white ones and they broke on the trip home. Now I am forced to wear my small black back up pair... I guess I could buy new ones at some point....