Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow day!

This morning I woke up and found out my first meeting was canceled and one meeting was changed to tomorrow and then this afternoon I was going to lead softball conditioning for the team I am coaching but because they didn't have school due to the snow, conditioning was canceled too!  It was a nice surprise to have a busy day go to a very relaxing, catching up on things sort of day where I could stay home in my pj's all day long.

Every time I looked outside and saw the big flakes coming down, I smiled.  It was a much needed break and each passing flake felt like a breather and a chance to get some things done that I have been meaning to.

We had a very nice weekend kicking it off on Friday night with a dinner out with Matt's side of the family.  Saturday my mom and sister joined me to my good friend Megan's baby shower for her first kiddo and little boy who is due in just a few short weeks.
Great food, cute cupcakes and a very lovely shower with good people.

Me, Ashleigh (holding Ashton) and Megan.  Doesn't Megan look sooo cute?!
My mom helped me make my second baby blanket and I was pretty pleased with how this one turned out. Megan loved it too (thankfully) because she said she needed a blanket for her baby's crib and it matched the colors she already chose for the nursery!

And this little guy, Ashton partied it up with us at the baby shower too.  He did great!  He was so chilled and had fun just checking everything out.  He is such a cutie pie!