Monday, August 30, 2010

I don't really want to talk about my flare...

So this past weekend was one of those weekends that was just great.  Enough said, however I will in fact elaborate now.... Friday Matt had a much needed day off and we were able to grab a late lunch together, eat outside (my favorite) and then saw Toy Story 3.  Has anyone else heard that grown men have cried at this movie?  Neither of us cried, but I definitely got a lump in my throat at two different parts.  The nostalgia of toys, stuffed animals, childhood, and the transition into adulthood was portrayed very sweetly with all the lovable characters.  We got to relax at home all the rest of the day and night without any plans the following day.  We slept in, ate a good breakfast, and then did a few errands for our house.  We are doing a few smaller house renovations, backyard updates, painting the interior trim, etc. -another post to come on all of this.  Saturday night I went to my mom's pool and swam with  my sister and her son.  My sister is about to give birth to her second boy and we all know things will change as they go back into baby mode and it will be great, but it was very nice too having time with just the three of us.  Plus, Kestan is getting more brave every time he is at the pool, this time he thought it was so fun to just try and float on his back and of course splashing his "aunt Linds" is always fun too.

Sunday was another easy morning, good food, and our third power outage of the past few months.  In the middle of a sunny gorgeous (somewhat hot) day our transformer blows and the dogs really hate that sound.  We only lost power for about 2 hours but even that is a great reminder of how much we rely on power for entertainment, cold food, everything! :) It was nice, after taking the dogs for a long walk, we ended up playing with one of Matt's new phone apps (which I normally avoid) but it turned out to be hilarious and we turned into one of those crazy can't stop laugh fits, always fun.  Sunday night we played two double header softball games with the new team we have joined with a few friends for a Fall league.  These games were rain make up games from their summer season, but good practice for Matt and I to get back into playing.  We lost horribly to both teams, but we had fun, made a few good plays, and what's better than playing a softball game on a cool summer night?

So then.. .boom!  Monday rolls around, and I hate to be all "case of the Mondays" crap because I didn't have that until 5:00 tonight.  My day was very productive, got lots of work done, not to mention two more rooms are nice and shiny with a new coat of trim... I got a call from my co-worker saying her client who is staying at our shelter got mad and punched a wall and they think she needs to go to the E.R. however she can't take her and the girl's mom can't take her either.  Since I am on call I basically had to take her, or my co-worker could have taken her later, turns out I just took her.  We spent almost three hours in the E.R. and dealt with 7, that's right 7 different people (reception, nurses, x-ray technician, and doctor).  She broke her pinky finger, they knew we weren't an actual emergency so the worst part?  After forty minutes of waiting a nurse would come in a say "the doctor will be here soon, he is going to numb your hand and I will go get the supplies to splint your hand"... thirty minutes later!!!  She comes in with the supplies, it takes another twenty minutes for the doctor and nurse to meet up...... oh goodness, long story short, I appreciate all of those that work in an E.R. I do not envy your job and I hope to never spend a Monday night like this with you again. 

Greenzo out.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Would you rather be on a bus for ten hours or a plane for 3?

Would you rather swim 500 yards or bike 3 miles?

What is the worst trip you have ever been on?

Check this, what is the best trip you have ever been on?

What is the best worst movie you have ever seen?  For instance, my husband loves really good movies yet he also likes movies that I find incredibly irritating, point and case we watched The Fifth Element for five minutes today and that was about all I could take.

What's your favorite thing to eat for lunch?

What was your first job?

These are some questions to ask at your next work training or elevator ride to help with the awkward silence, you're welcome.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

10 things that make me happy today...

I am going to borrow this idea for a post from my good friend Alisa.  She has posted several wonderful things that bring her joy in her life from sunlight in her kitchen in the morning, to the amazing adventures of raising her baby boy.  I have known for a while that gratitude is so very important and it brings me joy and peace to be able to be so fully aware of the blessed things in my life. 

10.  Every time we come home and get greeted by our two dogs.  Even if I go outside to water the plants and come back inside a few minutes later, they are excited to see us every time we come home.  They wag their tails, freak out in little circles around us and bring warmth to our home. 

The next few posts will be about things that bring me joy specifically during out camping trip we just took over the weekend.      9.  I love driving through windy roads with blue sky all around us.

8.  Driving to a campsite with the intention of hanging out with good friends, canoeing and being outside. I love sitting around a campfire, catching up, and feeling the breeze around us as the smell of burning leaves surrounds us.  I am sure I have mentioned this before, but how fun is it to just be?  To have no agenda, no lists to get done, to just sit and relax.  It's great!

7.  I like where we live and how close we are to a lot of fun 'city' things but it's great to get away from all the city lights, have space, and remember how beautiful the reflection of the moon looks at night against water, to have the chance to see a dozen more stars than you can ever see in your own neighborhood.

6.  Singing in the car with the windows down and my hair blowing wildly in the wind.

5.  Hot dogs.  I do not like normal hot dogs and really only eat chicken and turkey.  But we recently discovered these amazing chicken sausages from Hy-Vee that have different ingredients like spinach and feta, roasted red pepper and asiago.  We grilled the hot dogs and toasted the buns over the open flame last night and it was DElicious.

4.  My good friend Megan (who we went camping with) is pregnant with her first baby and it was fun to talk about their plans for expanding their family, how she is feeling, the idea of actually have a kid, etc.  It made me think of my nephew, Kestan and all the sweet moments I have been so lucky to share with him.  To continue to get some of those moments with him, my friends' kids and eventually our own. I took this picture on the way home from a trip to Omaha a few weeks ago. Kestan loved seeing his reflection in my sunglasses. 

3.  Speaking of good friends, I love these girls Megan and Ashleigh (we camped with them and their husbands this weekend).  The six of us rented a condo in S. Padre Island three years ago and hope to rent a cabin in Colorado next Fall.  It's so great having such good people in our lives!
2.  Summertime.  We have had some very good times with the family cooking out and going to the pool this summer.  We spent my brother's birthday at the pool and Kestan and Uncle Matt had similar hats and they are both too cute.  I am looking forward to Fall but I know once it's here it will remind me of just how fast this summer has flown by. 

1.  This guy, my husband.  I am constantly reminded of how lucky I am to have him in my life and as my partner.  He continues to be so very kind, thoughtful, HILarious and amazing. He puts up with my quirkiness, he encourages me to sing and to do anything else creative I chose to do, he challenges me, entertains me, supports me and accepts all of me.  There is nothing like driving just about anywhere with him by my side. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We are far more similar than different.

the above pictures i took on our last road trip. the good ol' midwest. i must have some country blood in me because i LOVE huge white clouds on top of acres of green land, or miles of corn and farmland. and by country blood i mean i love the space, the land, the fresh air, and the nature.

i met a guy today that i was introduced to beforehand as a christian. i had no expectations for meeting him. however once i met him i quickly realized his words did not seem very 'christian' to me. now, i never expect ANYone i ever meet to be perfect. but i also think some people want to claim to be 'christian' without actually acting like any sense of the word and what it was intended to be.  this adult man said rude things about some middle school kids he knew that were on a wrestling team, he called his co-worker "crazy sarah" and questioned her upcoming baptism. he mentioned growing up around bible study groups and attending various christian camps growing up... but what does that all add up to in the end?  true, he is working to try and help young people and i have to commend him on that.  BUT, could he not be more conscious of the words he says?  could he not behave more positively in order to match his words and actions to his 'christian' title?

i ask this to you; what do you think when you come across people that claim to be one thing or another? because i think we are conditioned to find a nitch, a group, attach to a label that may describe one part of us or all of us. a lot of these titles tend to separate us when at the end of the day i think most people believe in being a good person and living well regardless of what you do on sunday mornings. now this is where some of the judgments, guilt, and separateness that comes up and forces everyone to choose the group in which they want to follow, or even more difficult to understand (to some) they choose to be a part of the group that does not attend church. at all. can you believe it?  now, would you be up for believing that you who attends church twice a week might have similar beliefs as this other person who attends twice a year? yet your practices are different, but what if you believe similar things?

i get frustrated by closed minded people.  i do not like when someone claims to be something and their actions say the opposite of their 'title'.  i fear some people will look at those with the 'titles' and their lack of compassion, honesty, and goodness and expect everyone with some sort of faith to be the same. it just isn't so.  i get frustrated by people claiming to be christian, accepting and loving, yet they have a list of certain type of people they will not interact with, therefore proving the very opposite.

side note, i do know several christians that act very closely to their beliefs and bottom line, they are good people doing their very best and that is important to think about too.

this is something we could talk about for days, that is if you were up for discussing it. seriously though, can we just admit that we are much more alike than separate? and regardless how we got here, we are here. and we are here together... might as well work together, eh?


Sunday, August 1, 2010


This past weekend Matt and I spent Friday night at my good friend Ashleigh’s new house with her husband, her twin sister (my equally as good of friend) Megan and her husband. You know when you get busy with life and don’t make time to spend with the friends that you really love? And then once you get to it just feels great?! I love those people and pretty much always have a good time when we are together, however this was even more exciting because it has been a long time since we all since sat down together for dinner and then some great conversations during dessert.

There is some sense of peace I find driving through the countryside, the farms, the overall space. It feels real and natural and I find it to be extremely beautiful. We came across a few industrial plants where their pollutants clearly spewed into the sky and those fumes acted like another big white puffy cloud and it made us really think about where all of the things we consume come from. It made us realize that we were definitely more drawn to the space and realness of it all and wanted to continue this apparent never ending journey of trying to become more educated and then do something positive with that information.

The next afternoon we left for Omaha to spend the next 24 hours at my cousin’s wedding. This is a cousin from my dad’s side of the family and to give you a quick run down my dad is one of ten children and each of those kids has at least two kids. And then most of those kids has a kid or two too… basically a good estimate would be this; I have 18 aunts and uncles, about 50 cousins and 23 second cousins just on my dad’s side of the family.

As you can guess with this amount of people plus a bunch of other people we’ve never met that leaves little time to talk with anyone for more then a few minutes. You never have a chance to greet everyone, and the people you do talk to you get the amount of time it takes to ‘catch up’ since the last time you saw them. “Are you still working there?”… “Where are you living at now?”… “How’s married life?”… And occasionally you get a chance to ask something to find out new and interesting information… “Where have you traveled recently?”…”When are you due?” (addressed of course to the three cousin’s that happen to be pregnant at the same time). It is of course good to see everyone and happy that they are doing well, however it always feels so rushed and has little chance to get real that it is usually a whirlwind of greetings and hugging goodbye saying “Sorry we didn’t get a chance to talk more…”

It also makes for a good time for our immediate family to hang out. We drove up with my brother and his girlfriend. And then we drove home with my sister and her family. My nephew Kestan just started saying the L in Lindsay and has for the past 2 ½ years referred to me as ‘sinny’. Last Saturday when I babysat him we spent a few minutes working on the L in Lindsay and he became so dramatic with it, it just made me laugh and we moved on to something more fun. Yesterday at the hotel he all of a sudden said “Lindsay, look!” And he wanted me to watch as his mom helped him put his shoes on. We praised him for saying Lindsay and I high fived him as we both said “booya!” It was just a few minutes later that he started to refer to me as “Linds” and it just melted my heart. That kid is too cute. He is at the hilarious, crazy, awesome age of learning great things every single day but still being a toddler and overall just a joy to be around.

I do not sleep well at hotels. It usually takes me a while to fall asleep in general so double that issue by 2 when it comes to hotels. I am also a self proclaimed semi-germaphobe so you can imagine where my minds goes the second I step in to any hotel room, I refuse to step foot on the bathroom floor until there are towels spread about. However, I love not having a schedule, and as much as I love our dogs and our home, it is great to have a break and be in a place where I have nothing to clean, no dishes or laundry to do, and we can just be.
Lastly, this weekend with tons of family, sharing car rides, sharing a room with the duh’s! (yes we are trying to save some moola, and sharing a room turned out to be not so bad at all) it just reaffirmed how sweet and kind and totally hilarious my husband is. I am very lucky and blessed and at the end of the day I am thrilled to be home with our dogs relaxing for a few hours before another busy week rolls on. Peace.