Monday, December 29, 2008


This past weekend Matthew and I drove to a tiny town in Iowa. The weather there was rainy and cold and icy in spots (my least favorite road trip weather). We stopped in Cameron, MO. and stumbled upon an old Victorian home that was turned into a very cute bakery/cafe and apparently they had a winery upstairs (didn't have time to see it). We had the best breakfast out that we have ever had... fresh, healthy and delicious... oh yea and we got a ton of food and it was only eight bucks which just makes it more fun. It was such a nice way to start the drive and set a fun tone for the rest of the trip. We ate lunch and hung out with Matt's extended family, learned how to play cribbage, and just relaxed the rest of the evening. Sunday we woke up to fresh air and sunshine. We decided to drive to Nauvoo, Il. they are famous for their fudge (the shop was closed) winery (very cute and located deep in the woods past a gorgeous campground) and a historical Mormon site. We spent the morning exploring, got really close to 4 huge golden eagles (beautiful!) and eventually made our way back home. The dogs were very excited to see us and it feels good to be home. But, wow!! What a fun weekend!

christmas time

christmas has lasted for about two weeks for us... which has been amazing! we started last saturday, the 20th at matt's mom's house for her famous dinner... um, i call it jambalaya only because i like saying that word. she cooks a big pot of corn, potatoes, sausage (i think?) and the largest shrimp i have ever eaten. she lays out a table cloth, and then pours it all out in the middle of the table. it is a messy, delicious family style of a meal. wednesday we spent christmas eve at church, then to my sister's house for a lovely meal, and a few gifts. thursday was a perfect christmas day because i was in my pj's the entire day. played a few intense games of ping pong, ate even more good food and opened the rest of our gifts. it's fun having a baby (kestan) around crawling over all the bows and boxes.. which he loved way more than any of his actual gifts. friday night we had dinner at my sister's again but this time we celebrated with my dad and his wife. and a new game called "imaginiff". imagine if my dad was a kind of car, which would he be? (multiple choice answers) imagine if matt was a character from winnie the pooh.... cute game, and even more fun seeing everybody's guesses. i love this time of year and it seems to just be getting better.... hope you all had a wonderful christmas too!

megan's wedding!

My good friend Megan married a great guy named Sleiman on December 19th. It was one of the best weddings I have been to. Lots of good people, plenty of food, my sister and her family were there too, plus tons of dancing. Matt and I had a really great time, and it felt like a mini-vacation since we stayed the night in Lawrence. The happy couple is only two hours away from us so we hope to plan many trips visiting them and our new friends who happen to live near by. And of course it got me even more excited in my journey planning for our big day!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

game night!

matthew and i hosted our 2nd annual christmas game night. we had some good old friends, new game night attendants, and a couple that we haven't seen for three years. it was cozy with christmas lights, delicious snacks, warm pizza, and frosted sugar cookies. it was great to catch up with great friends and to get to know some even better. we knew it would be fun.. but i did not know we would laugh as hard as we did. and i have now decided it's time to start a monthly game night with a group of friends to share new games (we also took full advantage of our double shot basketball game situated in the guest bedroom) different food, and sweet memories. the next day matthew and i slept in, hung out with the dogs, and picked up one of our favorite restaurants (just down the street from our house) for dinner. it was what i call an ideal weekend.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

steady as she goes...

i am learning more and more about this blogging thing every day. i would have guessed that i am computer person, but the more i am on a computer, the more i realize how little i have taken the time to understand. thankfully and (has made me a little lazy in learning) my man knows all about computers which means if i can't upload a photo, matthew tries to help me. when he is not around i stumble online for a few minutes and soon give up, start playing music or quickly move on to another hobby i enjoy and fully understand. i was laughing earlier today thinking about this engagement thing leading to marriage.... don't worry, i am all for it. however, comparing the differences between men and women still makes me laugh. weird quirks. and completely different styles on almost everything. like when dale took the trash out (sorry jamee) and he left the trashcan without refilling it with a new bag... matt does the same thing (sometimes). and all of these things that if you add up on paper are crazy and if you think about too much could drive ya nuts. but none of it matters. and none of it is even an issue when you think of your relationship, where you have been, and definitely where you are going, but more importantly where you are at today. i love this picture. that is all....

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

a few spare minutes

I am back watching the little kiddos (my nephew and a 16th month old friend of the family).  Now they are both crawling like maniacs, and pulling themselves up on everything and anything.  The only time I sit for more than two minutes is if I can get them both situated and happy in their highchairs and I can scarf down a snack (today was almond butter on crackers, and apple sauce).  It is funny to watch them at certain points of the day... like clockwork at 4 p.m. I will be sitting on the floor trying to entertain them both, or better yet, have them be in the mood to entertain themselves, and they will simultaneously merge towards me and not leave my side, or pant leg, until the parental units get home.  

They are both sleeping at the moment (obviously one other time during the day I can sit for a few minutes).  They are both so very cute and fun to be around.  However, tiring.  I might make it to a rec. soccer game (only because it sounds much easier than using the eliptical machine) tonight and then a bath and to bed... what an exciting evening.  The funny thing is I know it will be a very good evening.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

it's the most wonderful time of the year

i love this time of year! matty and i bought our christmas tree last night and immediately started decorating it. it smells good, looks pretty and makes me smile every time i look at it. yesterday i put our christmas lights out on the porch while playing a carpenters christmas (best music for this time of year if you haven't heard it you must). very cozy.

if ya like it then ya shoulda put a ring on it

it is always fun hanging out with friends of your significant others.. but it is actually really fun when you become good friends with his friends wife. does that make sense? basically jamee and i have a blast together while dale (her husband) and matt engage in "guy love" simply meaning they are truly great friends. this last visit although later turning into a string of sickness (something has been going around, thankfully all are healthy and recovered) for most involved, the trip consisted of some very entertaining music videos we found online and then attempted to recreate the dances while still sitting comfortably on the couch.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Good Afternoon,
The past ten days have been the most eventful and exciting days... It all started on Friday November 21st when Matthew took me out for date night, a date night that turned into him proposing to me down on the Plaza, on the very same park bench by the water that we sat on 5 years earlier. It is where I said yes. It is where the new chapter of our lives together began again. We had an incredible dinner and then managed to celebrate with my sister, brother-in-law and brother all the same night. I loved hearing all the details of Matt's planning and preparing for this big night. He spoke to my Dad two days earlier, and my Mom the night of the proposal before dinner. He also bought the one and only ring I fell in love with when we found it at the Plaza Art Fair back in September.
We had a busy, and fun Thanksgiving. There was a baby shower and bachelorette party which consisted of ten young ladies going to dinner, and then renting out a cozy log cabin in the middle of nowhere Kansas. It was a fulfilling night of conversation, catching up with close friends, making new ones, and of course late night dancing to Mariah Carrey.
And finally on Sunday my nephew Kestan was baptized. It was a spiritual blending of two families supporting this new child into this world. The priest was very nice, had a great accent, and spoke quite loudly. Kestan however handled himself amazingly well. My brother Jeff and I became blessed as his new Godparents and it was an overall wonderful week.