Tuesday, April 30, 2013

He's not just a dog...

he is a part of the family.  If you have ever loved a dog, you know that these domesticated animals quickly take on an important role in your family as well as a permanent place in your heart.  You know that the dog hair, smell, muddy feet, barking, whining... all of these things can be annoying.  And you also know that the second you open your front door you will be greeted by these wildly excited creatures.  You know that they will always be there to bring you joy.  Their playful, energetic beings brings you comfort, a smile, support.  They get up on the furniture, they get in to the trash (even if it's just once), and they chew something up that is not a toy.  They will protect you. 

After several rough days, today Jake passed away.  Matt rescued Jake eleven years ago and he became the mascot of his house in college.  Everyone loved Jake.  He was the dog that you could keep off a leash and he would always stay by your side (of course he did run off chasing a cat once or twice).  He was the dog where you could leave a bowl full of food out and he would eat at his leisure all day long.  He hated the rain and would refuse to go outside if it meant his precious paws would get wet.  He would gently place his paw on your knee to remind you to pet him.  He would nudge your arm up with his snout to remind you to pet him more.  He eventually was adopted by Matt's mom and they became great friends. Such good friends in fact that Jake did not like sharing Becky's attention and would do his best to remind her that he was waiting by her side. Jake got spoiled rotten with Becky and he deserved every bit of extra food and love he got from her.  His favorite treat was cheeseburgers and he would not look twice at a treat that did not meet his high class palate.  Even when he packed on a few pounds he could still run in circles so fast and his whine became similar to a pig oink.  If you ever asked him "where's kitty?" you would get one loud, strong bark.  He was persistent, he was smart, he was a very sweet dog.  We will miss Jake very much. 

Jakester, Jakey, Jakey boy.... Thank you for bringing such love to our families.  Thank you for loving us.  You are a very sweet, good boy.  I pray that dog heaven is the same place as people heaven.