Monday, August 30, 2010

I don't really want to talk about my flare...

So this past weekend was one of those weekends that was just great.  Enough said, however I will in fact elaborate now.... Friday Matt had a much needed day off and we were able to grab a late lunch together, eat outside (my favorite) and then saw Toy Story 3.  Has anyone else heard that grown men have cried at this movie?  Neither of us cried, but I definitely got a lump in my throat at two different parts.  The nostalgia of toys, stuffed animals, childhood, and the transition into adulthood was portrayed very sweetly with all the lovable characters.  We got to relax at home all the rest of the day and night without any plans the following day.  We slept in, ate a good breakfast, and then did a few errands for our house.  We are doing a few smaller house renovations, backyard updates, painting the interior trim, etc. -another post to come on all of this.  Saturday night I went to my mom's pool and swam with  my sister and her son.  My sister is about to give birth to her second boy and we all know things will change as they go back into baby mode and it will be great, but it was very nice too having time with just the three of us.  Plus, Kestan is getting more brave every time he is at the pool, this time he thought it was so fun to just try and float on his back and of course splashing his "aunt Linds" is always fun too.

Sunday was another easy morning, good food, and our third power outage of the past few months.  In the middle of a sunny gorgeous (somewhat hot) day our transformer blows and the dogs really hate that sound.  We only lost power for about 2 hours but even that is a great reminder of how much we rely on power for entertainment, cold food, everything! :) It was nice, after taking the dogs for a long walk, we ended up playing with one of Matt's new phone apps (which I normally avoid) but it turned out to be hilarious and we turned into one of those crazy can't stop laugh fits, always fun.  Sunday night we played two double header softball games with the new team we have joined with a few friends for a Fall league.  These games were rain make up games from their summer season, but good practice for Matt and I to get back into playing.  We lost horribly to both teams, but we had fun, made a few good plays, and what's better than playing a softball game on a cool summer night?

So then.. .boom!  Monday rolls around, and I hate to be all "case of the Mondays" crap because I didn't have that until 5:00 tonight.  My day was very productive, got lots of work done, not to mention two more rooms are nice and shiny with a new coat of trim... I got a call from my co-worker saying her client who is staying at our shelter got mad and punched a wall and they think she needs to go to the E.R. however she can't take her and the girl's mom can't take her either.  Since I am on call I basically had to take her, or my co-worker could have taken her later, turns out I just took her.  We spent almost three hours in the E.R. and dealt with 7, that's right 7 different people (reception, nurses, x-ray technician, and doctor).  She broke her pinky finger, they knew we weren't an actual emergency so the worst part?  After forty minutes of waiting a nurse would come in a say "the doctor will be here soon, he is going to numb your hand and I will go get the supplies to splint your hand"... thirty minutes later!!!  She comes in with the supplies, it takes another twenty minutes for the doctor and nurse to meet up...... oh goodness, long story short, I appreciate all of those that work in an E.R. I do not envy your job and I hope to never spend a Monday night like this with you again. 

Greenzo out.