Thursday, November 29, 2012


...of the last thirty days.

Election day!  Oh my my, oh hey hey.... Obama won and we are thrilled.  It was an interesting night and Matt made sure I didn't celebrate too soon, but once we knew for sure there was a sigh of relief and continued hope for the future of our country and this world.

The 15th!  Our daughter had her first BIG FALL.  She was playing with my brother's little dog and got wrapped up in it's leash and... face planted into the concrete.  It was a very scary 30 minutes.  To see blood coming from your baby's mouth and nose for the first and hopefully last time ever.. it's intense.  A quick trip to the doctor confirmed that her teeth, gums, and nose were all okay and she just had scrapes and bruises to heal from... the swelling went down in 24 hours too.

Thanksgiving!  Seeing my baby girl so comfortable at nana's house is just awesome.  She explores, she runs around as if she owns the place, she grabs everything glass and loves opening and shutting all the cabinets she doesn't get to play with at home.  I love seeing Brynn and her two favorite boy cousins play together and interact so well.  We had ping pong, soccer, LEGOS galore, turkey for the first time (Brynn is not that interested), sweet potatoes, homemade warm delicious rolls, what the HECK else do you need, I ask?!

On to Dogs.  Our Jaxon has torn both his ACL's, he has been in pain, he has been uncomfortable and he has been a challenge for our household the past few months.  Some days I get so annoyed because he has never whined, jumped over gates or stunk to high heaven until recently.  But other moments I feel bad because he is obviously uncomfortable and I want nothing more than to help him.  I want him to dash outside and chase the neighbor's dogs rather than having to go outside on a leash.  Matt went to my brother's concert tonight and it was one of those moments that reminded me how happy I am to have Jaxon and Ellie in our family.  I love those stinky, sometimes obnoxious but always loving family pets.  Thank goodness for these sweet beings.