Sunday, November 24, 2013

Comic Snob.

In case you are a "I read a blog every three to four months" kind of person.... I think it's time for a post.  At the end of most days I have little energy left and I usually just want to watch something funny.  I am always up for any episode of 30 Rock... but when I am too lazy to put that on and I flip through the few channels we actually have, I am reminded of how bad "comedy" shows are on t.v.  I love New Girl and that show just keeps getting better, besides that there is almost nothing I will watch, and most everything else just makes me angry.  So here goes my list, people.  You are obviously allowed to disagree with me, however I will stand by these lists for .... ever.

Top best comedy shows ever.

5. Summer Heights High
4. Scrubs
3. Strangers with Candy
2. Arrested Development
1. 30 Rock

Worst "comedy" shows ever.
5. How I Met Your Mother (this made the list because it had potential to be good, but the ridiculous amount of flashbacks, the laugh track and predictable jokes are bad)
4. 2 Broke Girls
3. Thin wife fat husband... this could contain so many shows.  Just not funny.
2. The Big Bang Theory (so cheesy, and Sheldon's voice.. oh my gaaawd)
1. Two and a Half Men (If you truly like this show... there is no way we can be friends)

Alright, that's it for now. Peace.