Saturday, March 20, 2010

Grandma Sugar

We heard this past week that my grandma was "not doing very well" and after several visits to the hospital and different spats of bad health, grandma always came back from it, this time we were all pretty worried that she wouldn't. My sister, nephew and I quickly traveled to Minnesota Thursday and spent Thursday night, and all of Friday with my grandma. We had the amazing opportunity to tell her exactly how we feel, let her listen to the calls of loved ones, and even though she was not fully awake, she responded in different ways and I absolutely know she heard everything we said. Several friends, residents, and nurses came by to tell her how they felt and a goodbye just in case. We shared very special moments with nice Chaplains and Hospice, which I could not imagine doing that job every day, we so appreciated their sincerity and kind words.

Thanks to Kestan for being our comic relief during a very difficult time, he would grab a Kleenex and take turns bringing it to me or Shannon saying "for your boogers..." or "please stop, it's okay, stop." Grandma loved laughing and I knew she was smiling on us then.

I have called grandma "sugar" ever since I can remember. She was a charmer, and the best at one liners, and cute phrases. Grandma called little ones her "little sugar sugar" and that is how I began to know her and how our family always referred to her. Grandma would have been 92 years old this June. She created a beautiful family and touched many many lives.

Grandma Sugar will forever be missed. I am so very grateful for Grandma Sugar for many reasons, but especially for her letting us be apart of her journey leaving this Earth. And now she is flying free...