Tuesday, September 27, 2011

6 weeks, what?!

Our little girl just turned 6 weeks old and it is crazy.  Crazy good, but still crazy.  She is barely 8lbs but we can definitely tell how big she is getting and how much she has changed since we first met her.  It is still so weird to me that she grew inside of me for so many months and all the anticipation of waiting to see her, meet her, and get to know her.  She has started smiling and holds eye contact better and better every day.  She has started "talking" and I loveeee it.  I can already tell that at each new phase there will be great excitement and a little heartache at realizing how fast time really does fly and how quickly our child will be growing closer to independence.  That is the point though right?  To raise them with love and try to fill their memories with smarts and as many sweet moments as possible and then to let them go do their thing. 

Matt took this photo of me at 2:00 a.m. about an hour after Brynn joined us and I was calling my mom to tell her the good news.  I can vividly remember the i.v. in one arm (which was only used to give me an anti-nausea medicine towards the end of labor after I threw up twice) and that damn blood pressure thing on my right arm and was so relieved when I had full use of my arms back.

And then to have this little girl in our arms it was just so surreal to me.  I am amazed at how we have grown in to our family and even in the hard moments where we haven't slept much, we still figure it out.  We make the best choices for our family and always strive to do better. 
The first time I drove alone with Brynn in the back seat I was nervous.  Now I still get a little stressed if she starts crying and I can't soothe her right away but I know she will be okay.  Today we were about five minutes from home when she started to bug out.  At each stop light I reached back to try and give her the pacifier and talk to her, touch her face and let her hold my finger.  She actually seemed to calm down when she got to squeeze my finger and I sang to her... so I did that until we got home and laughed at myself all the way home.  I will look like an idiot and strain my back and arm any day if it helps calm my sweet little girl. 
Now I get to see this precious sight down the hall in my very own home.  I love that we can start our own family traditions and as excited as I am for the future I am trying to be very present with each new stage or event (even her first blow out of the diapers was gross but still her first! :)

This is my view most days... how sweet is that?!  Most of the time Brynn falls asleep pretty easily but about once a day she fights sleep and then finally passes out.  I love when she is just out, she looks so comfy and cozy.  I am just so thrilled to be Brynn's mom and look forward to each new day (especially after I get a few hours of sleep).