Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gift card date night, what!

It's been a while since a good post, huh?  Well maybe I have had really important things to worry about recently and I don't have time to sit around all day writing to you, ever think of that?!  Woah, let's take it back a bit.  I apologize, that is no way to start a new post.  The truth is I have not been all that busy and that I have thought of writing about great things many times... I just didn't do it.  Sometimes I do things, and then other times I just don't.  I don't think there should be any guilt or shame attached to that, ok?  As if I feel any of those things coming from you anyways, I don't.  You are the one who takes time out of your day to read from me, and I appreciate it.  Let's just jump right into this as I fear another rant coming on.....
So last night my husband and I stumbled upon 5 to 7 (I didn't feel like counting an exact number) gift cards that we have yet to use.  I suggested we go out and use every single one but that felt like a little much.  Matt did agree to using two of them and so our date night began.  We first went to Border's and looked at books, games, and magazines for quite a while.  Matt got lost in a comic book which he ended up reading the whole thing so we did not have to buy it, that's legal right?  And I found myself engaged in the Buddhist section skimming through several books that I could relate to, you know, I'm down with that whole inner peace, outer peace, enlightenment thing.  I then got lost in the kid's section as I gathered a few ideas for a gift that I will be getting soon for a good friend of mine who is due in May.  I loved reminiscing through some of my favorite childhood books and then I stopped to look at a few I had never seen before too.
Next we went to Whole Foods for dinner.  They have so many delicious, fresh, and healthy choices for dinner that I was very pleased with everything we purchased.  Matt got a bbq chicken sandwich and pasta and I delighted in a warm roll with my spinach veggie lasagna.  So good!
And on our way home we could not just drive past the Sheridan's, I mean who does that?  Plus we had a gift card that was dying to be spent.  I got my favorite... mint chocolate chip ice cream with chunks of oreo, otherwise known as the grasshopper.  Is there anything better than mint chocolate chips with CHUNKS of oreo?  Matt had a hard time choosing what to order as he does at most places because the man likes everything!  I mean, I don't think I have EVER heard him say he didn't like some piece of food (within reason of course) and I mention at least three things a day that I don't like.  I wonder if that gets annoying...
Moving on, he chose butter pecan ice cream with caramel.  I am sure this sounds good to some of you, but to me, I just don't think pecans belong with ice cream.  There I said it.  I also have no desire to ever eat caramel again. Ever.
We got home after driving around through some cold foggy weather and watched some shows together.  A very successful and fun date night.  No pictures to prove it, but I assure you, it was nice.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Spit. it. out.

So I have had trouble recently connecting my thoughts to the exact words that I want to speak.  Even trying to explain a very simple ab exercise to the girts that I coach.... I  had to find a girl that I knew, she knew what I was trying to say and I had to ask her to just do it visually for everyone else to get it.  I am telling you this because I can almost guarantee that if I am having trouble speaking the words, I am sure I am having issues typing them as well.
I was watching a cooking show over the weekend and saw a meal that I wanted to cook, and then we bought the right ingredients AND I actually cooked it!  So if you want a delicious sandwich here goes: get some yummy bread (sour dough, italian, whatevs) get some big ol' mushrooms (especially if you are cutting back on meat, it is a good meat substitute) grill the bread and mushrooms on the skillet, add veganaise mayo and honey mustard, cheese (if you want of course) fresh basil leaves chopped up, and a fresh avocado on the side and add your favorite chips on the other side.  Oh I promise you, sooooooo good!  And for dessert, reese's peanut butter cups!
I was going to take a picture and show you, but I swear it was not on the plate long enough, so fresh and delicious!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thank goodness

I spent the last three days working from home due to a blizzard.  Although I think this insane weather is a clear sign of global warming and mother nature has been forced into a crazy burst of record breaking highs and lows.... I did appreciate the break.  I worked from home the past three days and did not even turn my car on (hope it starts fine tomorrow).  This does mean next week I will be playing catch up a bit as you can never get everything done working from home, but I really did enjoy the lighter schedule.  I will keep this short and simple as I try to do after a post like the last one.  Not only was the break nice to stay warm and cozy in the house, but I happened to get sick this week and it was the perfect time to really go at my own pace and rest and re-energize.  My husband picked up the slack this week as I let the laundry lay on the floor and the dishes pile up in the sink, and I am very thankful for him (for many reasons). 

Hope you are staying warm and I hope we all see some sunshine soon....