Thursday, April 30, 2009


ellie needs extra love sometimes so matt was accommodating her by getting on the ground and letting her sit on his lap... jaxon of course gets jealous but it's okay.  sunday night we had a nice rain and thunderstorm and we took advantage of the time inside.  we all went to the basement (it's partially finished) and we moved some things around so we now have the futon near the t.v. in one room and then our computer and art room in the next room.  it was cozy and cold (in a good, cold basement i need a blanket kind of way) and we just watched movies and hung out.  i was writing for a little bit and i let jaxon and ellie on the futon with me (i know it's bad training, but they are too cute, and they love it) i'll post that picture up next. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

i can't believe it's almost may!

well, after all the car problems were solved, we had a very nice relaxing weekend.  although i was aching for a hammock and we have yet to purchase one so that just made the list.  it's that time of year again when my job seems to change course... well same idea just different title.  i had a great interview yesterday so we will see where that goes.  matt got some exciting news that his boss wants to promote him to store manager of the st. louis store! the "higher ups" didn't fully think through their budget so it may not happen, but for a good twenty minutes on friday we were ready and willing to move to st. louis! kinda crazy, but fun.  we are always open to that next adventure, especially when it comes to jobs.  we are both looking for something new, a step up if you will. and i know it will all happen in it's right time, when it does we will be ready.  

Sunday, April 19, 2009

yep, it's the lugnut.... fixed it.

Yesterday I was on my way to pick up a mentee to go to that kite flying festival. On the highway I noticed my car was making a very weird noise, seemed to be coming from the tire. Now, over the past few weeks my car has made a weird noise when I turned a certain way and I figured it was due to some recent work I had done (new brakes) and was meaning to get it checked but could not find the time to do so. I called Matt and said this noise is persistent and seemed to be way louder than before. He suggested I come back home and switch cars with him. I got off the highway early so I could use side streets to get home as the noise wasn't stopping. I was on the phone with my sister and I said "I'm worried about my car, it sounds like my wheel is going to fall off.." (then it did!) I may have yelled and hung up the phone mid sentence. I was on a pretty busy street but luckily no one was right behind me, I stopped immediately and checked to see what had happened. I expected a flat tire (which my tires are pretty expensive so I was not happy about that) and some other random damage. I move around to the front right corner of my car to find my wheel still in tact (not flat) but it was just hanging by a thread upright against my car. I noticed that there were no lug nuts on (I had pulled over on the highway to find only 2 lug nuts were on my car, I thought that was strange and got off the highway right then). I walked about a block down the road I had just traveled to find one lug nut as evidence that over the last few weeks each one of my lug nuts had broken off! When the Tripple A guy finally came he said the last person to work on my car did not tighten the lug nuts properly. I always forget how nice it is to have a working, running car because the second there is an issue it always seems to be very annoying. However in this instance I am just so glad I followed my instincts, and that this didn't happen on the highway or anything. I have a nice phone call to my old mechanic tomorrow, I hope he will agree to fix it free of charge and then we are in search of a new car place. One more thing to remember... try not to tailgate because this could happen to someone driving in front of you and then you could get involved in a bad way too. Be safe!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

just a week later...

hi.  our team has a double header tonight and it looks like the weather is going to be sunny and 62. very nice.  we have a community service day saturday morning, then lunch with the program. after that i am going to take one of the girls i mentor out to a big kite flying festival at a nearby lake (hope it doesn't rain), and then i am going to babysit.... and on sunday i plan to see the other girl i mentor which has tested my creativity and patience the past few weeks.  she is only a few months away from aging out of the foster care system and she has really been acting out. her latest feat she ran away from her foster home for almost 4 days! i don't know any of the details yet, but i do feel sort of helpless with her.  i'm not exactly sure how to help her.  it's definitely going to be a full, busy weekend. 

my nephew has been sick the past two days.  it's so sad seeing a toddler sick, who knows he is sick but can't tell you what he needs or how to help him.  yesterday he fell asleep on the couch and while he was sleeping he would kind of cry/whine... sounded like a little puppy. it was very sad.  this morning we just took it easy, but he actually did get up to play and say "hi kitty" at least 5 times, so that is a good sign.  now he is passed out getting some much needed rest.

i am so ready to garden! i want tomatoes, basil, and cilantro on our deck very soon. any other suggestions are welcome... looking for some new delicious dinner ideas too.  

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Last night Matt and I went out to dinner with my Dad and his wife.  We went to a Greek restaurant and had some good appetizers and I ordered a veggie kabob that was delicious.  It was nice to catch up and discuss more wedding plans, things are coming along very nicely.  We've chosen our caterer, sent out save the dates (almost all of them), and now we have the rest of the months to plan decorations, center pieces, flowers, cupcakes, and those sorts of things.  Last night we got on the topic of religion and spirituality.  It was an interesting discussion and I always enjoy hearing what other people have to say about such topics because the truth is few people really know exactly how we got here, what we're doing here, and what's going to happen next, I say few because I don't know if someone might have all the answers, I have not met that person, but it's possible they exist.  I do believe we all came from that same power and it's just interesting to hear how others perceive it and use it (or not) in their daily lives.  It's the highest most important, most connecting thing between all of us, yet we rarely honestly discuss it.  Maybe because we're scared, or unsure, or maybe it doesn't even enter your mind and you just go about your lives regardless of the answers or questions for that matter.  It is such a remarkable path we have to take and all the choices we can make.  Each day I find it easier to be presently happy than regretful or anxious about the future.  Random, I know.... but perhaps it sparks a question or answer in your mind.  

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

what goes up

good morning! i want you to realize that i know at the end of these blogs it says "lindsay and matt" when we all know that so far lindsay is the only writer (matt said he enjoys reading it more than writing on it). i could change this, but i haven't figured out how and truthfully i don't really care all that much. just wanted to let you know that i am aware. 

i know there are exciting things happening on the internet, facebook, blogging (my fav) and twitter and whatever else i am missing. but honestly, i get bored with the internet pretty quickly. i do enjoy writing on it, and reading other peoples thoughts but that is about it.  i feel any extra time i have besides relaxing, i would like to spend it working on my personal art and eventually sharing it online with others, but until then adding another group that i will check once a day for two minutes just doesn't sound appealing to me. 

another thing is, it's an incredible idea that we can all become friends, and share ideas oh so quickly through various websites.  i like hearing new thoughts, interesting stories, etc.  i try not to let closed-minded ideas bother me, but when they are so LOUD, i feel almost forced to say something (most of the time i don't, at least not to them) but i continually get surprised by some peoples ignorance, or just plain laziness.  and every once in a while i get annoyed by the fact that i am so open to other peoples opinions (at least to hear them) yet they don't want to listen to mine, or the other side, or anything else for that matter.

latest annoyance; people who are so upset over the stimulus package (i am not saying it is perfect by any means) but we have been driven into this hole for years and these people were not saying a word, in fact they were boasting how great things were when the truth is they weren't. and now that a positive, smart, big picture kind of person is trying to change that i just wish more people would have patience, give him and this country's spirit the benefit of the doubt.  believe in the greater good and try to contribute personally. 

i will continue to try not to respond to certain people and fuel their negative ideas.  but be prepared for a somewhat charged blog from time to time in order to vent some of these feelings.... thank you, and goodnight.