Tuesday, May 19, 2009

wedding stuff

Why hello there.  We had a very lovely weekend.  Now that I think about it the days seem to fly by but in the moment it seems like we have all the time in the world.  We had our first floral wedding consultation and it was very successful, I think we will look around at a few more places to compare pricing, but fun to start picturing the colors and who will be wearing/holding what.   Then we went to this great ring store (Matt has bought me two rings from there over the years) and they have such unique, sharp looking designs.  We found three rings that we loved for Matt.  Three! plus one at another store is still in the running.  It's exciting but I didn't know it would be so difficult finding the right one, we're going to sleep on it for a week or so and then probably make a decision after that.  Matt said he'd be open to me even surprising him and picking one out myself... a lot of pressure, but could be fun! 

Then Sunday we went out to lunch and had plans to see the new X-men; Wolverine movie but we stopped by home to let the dogs out first.  I was inside when Matt brought the dogs in and was finding some tissue to rub on Jaxon's nose because he was just bit by a snake!  It was just a gardner (sp?) snake but it was thick! and gross! and jumped up off the ground to attack our little guy.  So we decided to do some major cleaning in the back (there really wasn't much to be done but mowing, and trimming down one tree)... and that is where Matt found the snake... and something may have happened to him, I'm sorry snake lovers... I don't want to keep a snake in our backyard that has just biten our dog.  Not cool.   We have a neighbor a few houses down that has a very unkept backyard and we think that is where the snakes are coming from.. a few neighbors have mentioned spotting a snake or two.  Anyways, they are all gone, now and always. The End. 

p.s. we did end up seeing wolverine and it was pretty good.