Saturday, October 16, 2010


This past Wednesday my nephew Ashton was born! We were so happy to greet him at the hospital and to find out that he and his mom (my sister) are healthy and happy.  They stayed at the hospital for observation for three days and during that time my mom and I looked after my other nephew, Ashton's older brother, keeping him company, going on trips to the petting zoo, and spending the night at nana's house.

We welcomed Ashton with open arms and spent very precious quiet moments with him, he has proven to be a very chilled and easy going baby.  Even though things were very busy and fun, we all had a chance to slow down and just be.  And breathe, holding a tiny little soul that has just begun his journey and hope for the very best for him.  I am so grateful for the ability for our immediate family to all be present to greet him at the same time, what a nice family moment it was.
 Today my sister and her family transitioned home after their stay at the hospital.  I know it will be an adjustment for Kestan to go from only child to big brother but I know they will find their new 'normal' as a family and it will be great.

I loved the chance to observe (again) my mom in action as nana.  I truly understand the gift of having your mom around who also happens to be awesome, around when you become a mom (even though I am not a mom yet).  She was ready and willing to help for anything anytime.  She thought of fun activities, meals, snacks, and made sure there was time for rest for the new mom.  Becoming a mom is such a life changing event and to have your mom there to share in the tears of joy and change, must help give you that extra strength you need to continue the journey.

I am so very proud of my sister and brother-in-law for their strength and love, it is great to see their family evolve.  This past week are the kind of weeks that send you great reminders of what life is truly about; love and family and how important it is to stay present.

 Us ladies are definitely getting out numbered by all these boys.... but, so far, no complaints.  They have kept us very entertained.