Monday, February 16, 2009

babysitting k-man

Yesterday my amazing fiancee came with me to babysit our nephew Kestan while his mom and dad got the chance to spend all day out celebrating their 6 year anniversary. It's the easiest babysitting gig around, but it just made it way more fun having Matthew with us. We went to the park and he was passed out in the stroller by the time we left. Kestan had fun in the bath tub as I styled his hair, and afterwards he cuddled with Uncle Matt on the couch.

birthday dinner

Friday night we spent at my mom's house with the fam. Mom made a delicious pasta meal (twenty mile pasta- bow tie pasta, pine nuts, sun dried tomatoes, lemon juice, garlic, olive oil, artichoke hearts, and red pepper flakes - DElicious), with a yummy salad and warm bread. Kestan was in his high chair practicing throwing food on the floor and saying "ah oh". We had some intense, very fun games of ping pong. And my brother bought me the biggest balloons I have ever seen. It was a very fun night!