Monday, September 20, 2010

The weekend...

The past week was very busy with work, we ended the week with our softball double header games.  Matt pitched nicely and we won the first game.  Matt also ran to first very quickly and hurt his quad muscle so he chose and with some light encouragement from his wife, to sit out the second game.  22 sure feels different than 32, we are learned that over the weekend.  Our good friends Jamee and Dale drove the four hours to our house to help us celebrate Matt's birthday (they have done this the past few years and a little tradition we always look forward to).  We went to the renaissance festival on Saturday and even though towards the end of our visit we got rained on, it was really fun.  We had time to come home, relax throughout the rest of the thunderstorm and just when the clouds started to get real bright, we drove to our favorite pizza place and had a nice dinner.  Lots of good conversations, laughs, good food, and a really great weekend. I am so very grateful for good, genuine friendships and we appreciate any time we get to spend with our good friends.  Thanks again Dale and Jamee for the visit! 

Sunday I spent the afternoon at my mom's house celebrating motherhood with a nice gathering of women.  We told stories about having a mom, those of who have children about being a mom, and it was a sweet get together to help welcome my sister's second baby who will be here any day now (her due date is Oct. 7th)!!

My mom, sister and I sending lots of love and support for the Duh family and their new baby!  This was a very sweet celebration that anyone can have for their own sister or friend.  To eat yummy food, relax and share funny and sweet stories about the amazing adventure it is to become a parent.  love love love.