Friday, October 9, 2009

It's about time....

I find myself sitting at home in front of the computer, after spending a few hours scanning photos and compiling our short but sweet video that we plan to show during our reception... that just so happens to be in a week!! One week from tonight we will be pre-wedding celebrating at our rehearsal dinner. I can not believe how quickly time has flown by! I am aware that come next Sunday I will say "woah... that night flew by I can't believe our wedding is already over!" All of this excitement leading up to the big day will perhaps make it seem even quicker. But I can tell you one thing, it is going to be one of the most fun, and most blessed day of my life. Matt and I have been through a lot together, some lows, and many many highs. I know that we deserve this day of celebration and we are going to live. it. up. Believe me. The next several days I am going to try and be present for EVERYTHING. Even a meeting at work that I am dreading going to, and would rather not be at, I am going to soak it up because then I feel like I will remember this time in my life even more. And the fun stuff will be even better.

I have been slacking on blogging, writing, creating, some cleaning... we have been consumed with wedding stuff! I know very soon we will have not one thing to do that relates to our wedding and I will have time for all these other things I have lost the time for. Until then, I embrace the seventh draft of the seating chart, the 200 or so candles that are left to buy, and soon the hours upon hours of cupcake decorating, because I am/will be spending that time with the people that I love. Family and friends coming together to help make our celebration even more special.

So I may be gone from here for a bit, but know that I have a ton on my mind that I would like to get on here, or at least on paper. I get these bursts of energy to write and write and write.. mostly when I am at work but some days even like now, I have a dozen things racing through my brain but at the very same time I feel content. So very content and peaceful. I am soaking up this week before the wedding, even now when Matt is off on his bachelor party weekend, and the next Saturday we spend together we will do so as Husband and Wife.

Have a great weekend!