Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day weekend

Obviously all weekends should be three days long instead of two, am I right? My husband and I had the best weekend we have had in a long time! We went running a few times, played tennis in the heat, and ate really good food. My garden is actually growing, can ya believe it?!

We made delicious chicken tacos with fresh lettace right from our front yard (tomatoes and basil too). I loved the idea of growing our own veggies and this lil' garden has been a fun start.

Matt and I also went to the Kaufman gardens and took lots of pictures of all the beautiful flowers.

We also went out to a great lunch and then spent an afternoon at a museum, it was a lovely day.

On top of all of our fun adventures, we had plenty of time to relax (watched 'young at heart' -very sweet, I reccommend you watch it), we had a house guest all weekend long...

My brother's dog Bodhi spent hours running and playing with our dogs, he is oh so tiny so we had to keep an eye on them playing but they wore each other out and had a great time.

LOVE these kinds of weekends, but they sure make it harder to go back to work.... hope you had a good weekend too!