Tuesday, March 17, 2009

first day of stress

yesterday was a fun day spent mostly playing outside in lawrence with my mom, sister, and nephew.  but it was also a day where i first felt the stress of planning a wedding that most people talk about.  it was short lived, and when i remember to keep things in perspective, not a big deal. but it is interesting the things you come across when planning a wedding.  so much preparation for one day. granted, it deserves all the time spent but at the end of the day it should be a great time for the bride and groom.  a time of the most celebration with the people you want to celebrate with.  i know that you can't please everyone.  i also know it is most important to stick with what matt and i want and envision for this day. 

kestan and i went to the park this morning, we walked than he fell asleep in the stroller so i layed on a park bench for over and hour.  i worked through our guest list, and read a book, and than i just layed there staring up at the trees and feeling the warm sun on my skin and the breeze in my hair.  i needed that nothingness, which was also something.  i have to remind myself that i can just be, i don't always have to be reading, drawing, watching, moving, it's a good time to attempt to quiet my thoughts.  

driving home with the windows down, the idea of eating the rest of my turkey sandwich was not appealing.  i went to a great mexican restaurant and bought chicken fajitas for my lunch. it was a nice treat.