Monday, May 3, 2010

The time is now

We went to Iowa this weekend for my Grandma's funeral. It was a beautiful ceremony and service and I know she would have been happy with out everything turned out. It was nice seeing cousins we had not seen in a while too. My husband, brother and I enjoyed driving up together and had perfect weather the entire time. It reaffirmed the things I keep telling myself every day "stay present, live peacefully, and joyfully". Life is too short, even 91 years is too short to not live how you genuinely want to live. To be kind to yourself and those around you. To be true to yourself and make the decision to live well. Take advantage of the time you have with your loved ones. Say what you feel. Your life is worth living happily.

The night we got into town we went out to dinner and walked around downtown Des Moines. It was a great time being with her family and catching up on sweet Grandma stories.

The sun was shining all day long.

The bagpipe played 'Amazing Grace' in the sunshine.

The pink boa my Grandma wore for special occassions was laid to rest with her that day.