Thursday, December 13, 2012

time with Jax.

 Most of the time during the day, I keep the dogs and Brynn divided by a baby gate.  Why?  Because it's just easier.  Ellie, the smaller dog is a wild, anxiety filled crazy thing that rarely stops moving and she could care less about what any of us are doing unless it involves giving her food.  Ellie surprisingly does well around Brynn as she has had a few opportunities to crawl over her paws and pat her tail, Ellie has stood there all bug-eyed staring at me waiting for the free moment to move away, but still she handles herself well.  Jaxon, the bigger, older and recently injured dog is the sweet one and the one that would sleep under Brynn's swing as she slept as a baby.  Jax is the one who always wants to be near us and will move (even with two torn ACL's) four feet just to get closer to watch us.  He is the one who, I feel loves us as much as we love him.  Jaxon has even jumped over the baby gate just to get closer to us and today I just let him stay near us.  I am still cautious of Jaxon's rogue back paws that could possibly scratch Brynn, and I want to make sure Brynn is gentle or careful while petting Jax too (and she is!)  Every time I say "be gentle" she so sweetly pets Jaxon's head or points to his ears when she wants to identify a few body parts.

 Brynn proudly announces she found Jaxon's feet!
 A random sock is found in the hallway and Brynn would love to put it on Jaxon, however he is not interested.
So she chooses to put the sock on herself.  These two are friends and it warms my heart to see them interact so sweetly.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Photo update

 This is the view from Brynn's window at about 5:05 p.m.  Love it.
 Eating snacks in our stroller at the zoo.. so fun.
 Until moma tries to take too many photos... not cool.
 The start to our search of the perfect christmas tree.
 She liked walking around the lot, but we went to another place to find the best tree (and deal).
 Ahhh, the fresh smell of pine and my handsome hubby setting up the tree before dinner...
 The next morning Brynnie getting to see the lights and pick out her favorite ornaments.
 So precious.
Love. Love. Love.