Monday, October 25, 2010

Things I appreciate today...

1. Fall, fall weather, fall leaves, crisp air.

2. My husband and the things he says that cracks me up.  Most recent we were driving with our windows down and stopped at a stoplight and he breathed in deeply and said "fried food and fresh air, two of my favorite smells".

3. NOT being on call for work.  The joy I get in the evenings when I turn off my work cell phone. I feel relieved, and I feel freedom.  I am very grateful for my job and appreciate the fact that we happen to be very busy right now, but I love love love being at home and NOT working.

4.  Good, genuine conversations.  I gain greater connections with friends through these moments and I very much appreciate it.  Especially when so many things we all talk about all day long and how especially with co-workers it can be irritating or meaningless that is when I appreciate a good friendship and conversation even more.

5. Using a blanket. I am usually hot, and recently we have had the windows open and the fans blowing and that means the weather is perfect for cuddling up with a blanket is happening and I love it.

It really is the simple things in life that bring me joy, clearly.