Thursday, October 13, 2011

If you don't like mushy stuff, stop reading now.

This post is all about how freakin happy we are.  Well, I am. I know my husband is too and the more smiles I get out of Brynn I can tell how happy she is too, but I will just speak for myself.  I am over-joyed.  We are getting used to the lack of sleep and even though I have to down my turkey sandwich at lunch quicker than we used to at a school lunch (if Brynn is seeking my attention at that time) and I can still only get one or two things "accomplished" on my to do list for one day, I am just thrilled to be Brynn's mom and to have Matt as her dad. 

We celebrated my mom's birthday last night and made delicious home made pizzas.  Along with my two nephews there is a lot of baby to toddler energy and the house is just filled with love.  It is fun to see my family members revel in Brynn's beauty and joyful spirit.  She is starting to show more of her personality and it's wonderful.  Brynn is a content baby overall, unless of course she is hungry (she gets that from me).

Matt and I will be celebrating our two year anniversary on Monday and I just get this goofy smile on my face every time I think about the past two years, especially the past year.  The goofy smile then transitions to an overall feeling of goodness.

A few of my good friends have either just had a baby in the past few months or are pregnant now and I just love sharing stories with them about similar and new experiences.

That is enough mushy stuff for one post, right?  The next post will be all about rocks and dirt and stuff that doesn't make anyone smile.  Actually, probably not....