Friday, April 29, 2011

10 things that make me happy today

10. Our dog Jaxon, that guy is ALWAYS up for playing and I think it is very cute.  He could just be waking up, exhausted from a walk, or just chillin and if you go at him like you want to play, he shoots up and immediately finds a toy we can play with.  So cute.

9.  SUNSHINE.  We had a perfectly sunny, big puffy clouds kind of day yesterday and the next week is supposed to be about the same 70 degree weather.

8.  Feeling healthy.  At the end of the day I usually need to ice my neck because it gets sore throughout the day but overall I have felt physically great during this pregnancy and I pray that continues...

7.  Peanut butter toast and barbeque chips.  Still one of my favorite things to eat, and I do every day.

6.  Hugs.  How fluffy does that sound? I don't care.  I love coming home and look forward to the hugs I get from my husband and our dogs.  Yes, I hug our dogs.

5.  The Office.  We have netflix and if nothing is on t.v. (which usually nothing is) then I turn on netflix and go to the trusty old episodes of The Office.

4.  Tina Fey.  I love her, duh.  But she is hosting SNL on May 7th and I just saw the preview where she is behind a wind machine and said she is going to show how "hot pregnant women can be" or something along those lines... as she raises her shirt to show you part of her maternity pants that she has on (because she actually is pregnant).  I find her humor very refreshing and oddly close to what I find most funny.

3.  My nephew Ashton!  Of course I could list all of my family members on this list, but seriously this kid is so full of smiles I just can't get enough of seeing his little chubby ADORABLE face.  Every time you make eye contact with him he smiles!  And his smile will brighten any kind of day.

2.  Working from home.  I usually stay in my pj's or workout clothes until I have a meeting or am forced out on an errand and since becoming pregnant I have appreciated this comfort more than ever. 

1.  The farmer's market.  One near our house just opened up last Saturday and I bought fresh lettuce and basil and although I still need to plant them in a pot, we have already enjoyed using them in a few dinners.  So good!