Thursday, February 12, 2009


this is a picture i took on a road trip that my sister and dad and i took a little over a year ago. i have a whole series of run down barn pictures that for some reason i really enjoy. it intrigues me to think who built this, bought this, and left this and it's a little sad but yet with a puffy blue sky up above it, it still seems beautiful, and peaceful. i am putting some wedding planning aside (we don't have too much to do at the moment anyways) and trying to dive back into art. writing, drawing, and organizing my photos. i look forward to it, and this is a good reminder for me to go mess with some of it right now. thanks.

balentime's day

that reminds me of a previous student i had in one of the classes i assisted, everything he said just sounded cuter. happy valentine's as they say. as cliche as it sounds i don't really care about valentine's day. truthfully if i find myself in the grocery store the day of and see a group full of middle aged men with a panicked look on their face, roses and fake chocolate in their hands... it makes me feel annoyed. why do you have to spend money on a particular day to show your partner you love them, secondly if you love them why are you frantically searching for the closest, reddest thing you can find as if it would perfectly describe your feelings? weird. i enjoy the simple, sweet things (any day) but even on valentine's day. this picture was from about three years ago, matthew and i made shrimp rolls from scratch (UNbelievably tasty) and he knows i love bamboo so he got me the heart shaped kind. now that's cute. we might be spending this holiday with a great group of friends, the game nighters with another fun filled evening of hilariousness. to you and yours, whatever you decide to do or not do, i wish you a good weekend.