Saturday, September 25, 2010

10 things that make me happy today, again.

10. Friday night softball games.  We have joined a league and play double headers every Friday.  This past Friday several people got a little injured, including Matt who was not back to full capacity after running to fast to first last week and his quad was still sore.  My leg hurt from running too, plus after a great hit I managed to throw the bat back on my ankle, immediately swelling the outside bone of my ankle.  Don't worry, it numbed up pretty quickly and after some icing once we got home and a good night's rest we were feeling better.  The weather last night was gorgeous, it felt so much like the beginning of Fall, I loved it!  Plus the exercise is always welcome.

9.  Goat cheese.  I have a new obsession with it and it is the ONLY food item I have a very difficult time saying 'no' to.  I can dismiss cupcakes, candy, chocolate, caffine, pretty much everything you could think of, but if you put some goat cheese and crackers in front of me, look out.  So, I enjoy it today, however I have asked Matt to keep the rest of it away from me until he finishes it and I don't think we will be buying anymore any time soon.

8.  Annie, and other great nostalgic movies.  I happened to watch it today while I messed with some old necklaces and beads in hopes of trying to make better and more interesting ones that I would want to wear today.  We had our windows open because the weather was so nice, which meant I kept my singing 'how about champion? champion.. you're anything but..' to a much lower volume than I would have liked.

7.  Toast.  My favorite snack right now is a piece of our farm to market 100% whole wheat bread, toasted with some butter on it.  I love it, very plain, very delicious and makes Matt laugh every time he hears me enjoying a piece (because his palette is much more demanding than mine :)

6. Being so close to a grocery store.  We could walk to our nearest grocery store and even though that particular one is not my favorite, it is very convenient and I do forget some essentials from time to time, so I appreciate the comfort of being able to run back to the store if we need to.  As much as I would love to live in the country and have more space, I would definitely have to up my list writing and following of the list skills.

5. Our dogs, I have to say.. they are just so fun to have around.  They continue to bring lots of energy full of love and comfort. Even when I am trying to work, or we want to relax on the couch and they happen to come by and lick our face, two seconds later they bring us their ball and are ready to play.

4.  Being nice but honest.  I have not enjoyed the time I have spent working with a guy who happens to be quitting and his last day is this Friday, which I am looking forward to.  I have to remind myself that I can still be a nice, good person but that it's not always right to sit back and be quiet when something is going on that you don't think is right. 

3.  Taking pictures, of our family, friends, and landscape. love it.

2. Fresh, cool air.
1.  Family, of course.  I could list ten reasons for this one but I will just say we have spent some wonderful time with both of our families the past few days and it has been great.  We are 'on call' and anticipating a call from either my sister or my brother-in-law letting us know they are heading to the hospital to give birth to their second son!  We are so excited to welcome the wonderful new addition to our family!