Tuesday, April 7, 2009

what goes up

good morning! i want you to realize that i know at the end of these blogs it says "lindsay and matt" when we all know that so far lindsay is the only writer (matt said he enjoys reading it more than writing on it). i could change this, but i haven't figured out how and truthfully i don't really care all that much. just wanted to let you know that i am aware. 

i know there are exciting things happening on the internet, facebook, blogging (my fav) and twitter and whatever else i am missing. but honestly, i get bored with the internet pretty quickly. i do enjoy writing on it, and reading other peoples thoughts but that is about it.  i feel any extra time i have besides relaxing, i would like to spend it working on my personal art and eventually sharing it online with others, but until then adding another group that i will check once a day for two minutes just doesn't sound appealing to me. 

another thing is, it's an incredible idea that we can all become friends, and share ideas oh so quickly through various websites.  i like hearing new thoughts, interesting stories, etc.  i try not to let closed-minded ideas bother me, but when they are so LOUD, i feel almost forced to say something (most of the time i don't, at least not to them) but i continually get surprised by some peoples ignorance, or just plain laziness.  and every once in a while i get annoyed by the fact that i am so open to other peoples opinions (at least to hear them) yet they don't want to listen to mine, or the other side, or anything else for that matter.

latest annoyance; people who are so upset over the stimulus package (i am not saying it is perfect by any means) but we have been driven into this hole for years and these people were not saying a word, in fact they were boasting how great things were when the truth is they weren't. and now that a positive, smart, big picture kind of person is trying to change that i just wish more people would have patience, give him and this country's spirit the benefit of the doubt.  believe in the greater good and try to contribute personally. 

i will continue to try not to respond to certain people and fuel their negative ideas.  but be prepared for a somewhat charged blog from time to time in order to vent some of these feelings.... thank you, and goodnight.