Saturday, March 6, 2010

Vanilla tacos!

This morning I had to wake up early (7 a.m.) for a Saturday and run off to softball practice, which I didn't mind all that much because the sun was actually out and we got to play outside. Once I got home I was pretty tired and managed to get a short nap before Jaxon startled me out of my slumber by yelling at some squirrels that were in our yard. He actually just barks, but the way he does it sounds like he is actually trying to reason with the disturbance and doing everything in his power behind the window to make whatever it is that bothers him stop. Then Matt and I ran some errands and spent a gift card we had at an over priced dog bakery, still very fun getting new treats and a few toys for the pups, and we may have bought some home baked shamrock lookin' cookies. Then we rented a few movies at the red box and bought some groceries. I only mention the grocery part because I think it is a very simple pleasure, yet one I am very grateful for when it comes to being able to buy fresh, delicious food that actually makes me want to cook. We got home and immediately started making these:

Vanilla tacos. The recipe has nothing to do with actual vanilla but because our dear friends Dale and Jamee coined the phrase "Vanilla tacos" because a lot of Matt's friends have always referred to him as "vanilla", mainly because he would wildly sing Vanilla Ice in his dorm room back in the day. Yes, back in the day.

We LOVE these tacos but have not made them for quite some time. Easy delicious recipe and of course make changes where you feel like it: hard shell taco bowls (key ingredient because they add an extra crispy crunch, re fried beans (or black beans if you so chose), ground turkey and after it is cooked Matt likes to melt in some cream cheese (1/3 to 1/2 container), garlic, fresh onions, chopped lettuce, corn and black bean salsa, and then of course thousand island dressing on top, if you think that sounds crazy, please just try it.

On to the movies we watched: 2012, and Everybody's fine. One devastating picture basically about the world coming to an end in the worst possible ways; earth quakes and tsunami's, just awful. Some terrifying images and thoughts could race through your mind when you watch it, but then there is also a calm in the utterly dramatic storm, the fact that it is out of their control. The other one explores a family that is trying to keep things together after their mom passes away and the adult children hide their faults from their surviving father. Both reminded me how quickly time flies and how very short life really is. We have NO CLUE what will happen tomorrow, we can hope, and dream and rely on what happened today but truly we are still at a loss. And that made me want to love even more and breathe deeply and let every last tiny worry I have just fade away. I want to rest easy in the decisions I have made, forgive myself for the mistakes, and continue having compassion and always striving to live well.
Needless to say, I was in need of it's always sunny after watching both of these movies, I don't think I will watch either one again, but I did enjoy seeing them once. Does that make sense?

I am also so very grateful for laughter and the power of a good sense of humor. If nothing else, I crack myself up, so there's that.