Saturday, September 15, 2012

Birthday boy!

 We started Matt's birthday by a family breakfast out to a delicious restaurant we had never been to before.  Matt got some bacon which made him smile and I had the best omelet with sliced apples, walnuts, chutney and goat cheese (my favorite kind o' cheese) and of course a side of potatoes.  Brynnie got her first sweet potato pancake and she loved it, Matt and I had a few bites and he described it perfectly "it tastes like christmas".  It was cool out in the morning when we were out so a warm, filling, flavorful family breakfast is just what we needed to start our day.  Brynn also colored on her first place mat and picked it up so quickly.

 I love Brynn's face in this one, she is full of great expressions.  And you know she was having a good time by how much she was "talking".  Also, this is proof that my germaphobic self is getting more relaxed by putting her food directly on a table at a restaurant (I wiped it off first of course).

As we were leaving the restaurant the sky was perfectly blue and the air crisp.  We quickly took a few photos and this just so happens to be one of my favorite photos ever taken.  Brynn's beautiful eyes matching the blue sky, her big smile, letting her moma and dada kiss her cheeks.
Despite my goofy expression on this one, I just loveee my girl's look.  She is just a beautiful child (inside and out) and I can't get enough of her!  Thank goodness for days like these!