Sunday, May 3, 2009


here is hayden playing some game in one room, and the rest of the boys playing another game nearby. matt's brother jason came over with his two sons on saturday night for a game night, pizza party sleep over. it was fun to see them, i tried to play a game with hayden and by the tenth time of him killing me, i quit. and i actually beat matt in our double shot basketball game twice. big accomplishment for me.

roof leak

i opened the cabinet above and to the left of our kitchen sink and found condensation coming down from the ceiling. we assumed the leak from the roof would be major but when matty made his way through the attic entrance above our bedroom closet he found only a few cobwebs and sealed up any leaks quickly. here he is preparing to make his way up to the attic for the first time.


yo. here's the pic of me training our dogs that it's okay for them to get on our futon downstairs, but not on anything else... it works, most of the time. so matthew and i went to three stores today looking for hammocks. that is all i wanted was a beautifully comfortable hammock. he wanted a flat screen t.v. and thankfully he decided a hammock was a better purchase. we layed on the hammock both reading books, and within ten minutes he was out like a light. i knew he would love the naps on the hammock. it's just the greatest, and todays weather was perfect for hammock napping.