Thursday, May 20, 2010

Now what...

I am finished coaching softball for the year and it has freed up my afternoon and evenings a lot! You'd think I would be bloggin more? But instead I have been cooking more. We are shopping a little smarter and trying a few new dishes out that have so far been delicious. I have had more eggplant and mushrooms the past two weeks then I have my entire life. That will sound gross if you hate those two things, but if you don't, you know that it is actually really good. Our weekends are still filling up with plans, which is always fun but sometimes makes the days just fly by even faster then they normally do.

I sometimes think of all the funny things I could type on here, but then I think they won't turn out as funny as I'd hoped.

I do know that it has been raining all day long, and after being out all day long I definitely look forward to being cozily at home, and watching our favorite shows that all happen to be on the same night (30 rock -our most favorite, the office, community and parks and rec. just greatness). There have been some sad events that have happened to people I know recently and of course just more tragic stuff you see on the news, but after all that it makes a peaceful night of laughter even more appreciated.
It is worth it to try and be present, and kinder to yourself and the people around you.