Sunday, August 22, 2010

10 things that make me happy today...

I am going to borrow this idea for a post from my good friend Alisa.  She has posted several wonderful things that bring her joy in her life from sunlight in her kitchen in the morning, to the amazing adventures of raising her baby boy.  I have known for a while that gratitude is so very important and it brings me joy and peace to be able to be so fully aware of the blessed things in my life. 

10.  Every time we come home and get greeted by our two dogs.  Even if I go outside to water the plants and come back inside a few minutes later, they are excited to see us every time we come home.  They wag their tails, freak out in little circles around us and bring warmth to our home. 

The next few posts will be about things that bring me joy specifically during out camping trip we just took over the weekend.      9.  I love driving through windy roads with blue sky all around us.

8.  Driving to a campsite with the intention of hanging out with good friends, canoeing and being outside. I love sitting around a campfire, catching up, and feeling the breeze around us as the smell of burning leaves surrounds us.  I am sure I have mentioned this before, but how fun is it to just be?  To have no agenda, no lists to get done, to just sit and relax.  It's great!

7.  I like where we live and how close we are to a lot of fun 'city' things but it's great to get away from all the city lights, have space, and remember how beautiful the reflection of the moon looks at night against water, to have the chance to see a dozen more stars than you can ever see in your own neighborhood.

6.  Singing in the car with the windows down and my hair blowing wildly in the wind.

5.  Hot dogs.  I do not like normal hot dogs and really only eat chicken and turkey.  But we recently discovered these amazing chicken sausages from Hy-Vee that have different ingredients like spinach and feta, roasted red pepper and asiago.  We grilled the hot dogs and toasted the buns over the open flame last night and it was DElicious.

4.  My good friend Megan (who we went camping with) is pregnant with her first baby and it was fun to talk about their plans for expanding their family, how she is feeling, the idea of actually have a kid, etc.  It made me think of my nephew, Kestan and all the sweet moments I have been so lucky to share with him.  To continue to get some of those moments with him, my friends' kids and eventually our own. I took this picture on the way home from a trip to Omaha a few weeks ago. Kestan loved seeing his reflection in my sunglasses. 

3.  Speaking of good friends, I love these girls Megan and Ashleigh (we camped with them and their husbands this weekend).  The six of us rented a condo in S. Padre Island three years ago and hope to rent a cabin in Colorado next Fall.  It's so great having such good people in our lives!
2.  Summertime.  We have had some very good times with the family cooking out and going to the pool this summer.  We spent my brother's birthday at the pool and Kestan and Uncle Matt had similar hats and they are both too cute.  I am looking forward to Fall but I know once it's here it will remind me of just how fast this summer has flown by. 

1.  This guy, my husband.  I am constantly reminded of how lucky I am to have him in my life and as my partner.  He continues to be so very kind, thoughtful, HILarious and amazing. He puts up with my quirkiness, he encourages me to sing and to do anything else creative I chose to do, he challenges me, entertains me, supports me and accepts all of me.  There is nothing like driving just about anywhere with him by my side.