Saturday, August 29, 2009

The weekend...

Friday afternoon I called Matt to see how is much needed day off of work was going and he said he received a present from Diana (one of my mom's really good friends and also the woman who will be performing our wedding ceremony) had sent us a gift. And Matt admitted he could not wait for me to open it and opened it himself (which is great considering all the shower gifts I had the pleasure of opening and he was not there for those). She sent us a book on daily reflections involving life, love, and becoming more aware of why we do the things we do, and how we react to other people. We read the reading for August 28th and it just so happened to perfectly go along with some of the things we had recently talked about. Very cool book. I had an initial meeting with a new client that went very well and by 4:00 I was headed home on a surprisingly cool summer night and stopped to rent two movies along the way. This was the first time in a long time that both Matt and I were home on a weekday before 5 p.m. We decided to have a mexican night. I made guacamole, we had a margarita, made tacos and watched two movies! It was lovely.

Saturday we got out and went to one final store looking for Matt's ring. We ended up going back to our original place and looked at our two favorite again and suddenly one awesome ring took the lead and we made the purchase. Thankfully we made it when we did, because this particular ring is coming from Germany and could take as long as 6 weeks to get here. They put a rush order on it and we were assured it would be here at the beginning of October. So happy about the purchase and glad to mark it off the list.

I am currently typing quietly as my nephew sleeps upstairs. We had a busy night of playing, bathtime, a walk around the neighborhood and then some flipping and flopping like a fish until he found a good upside down pose in bed with two stuffed dog animals by his side. Tomorrow Matt and I plan to get a lot of house stuff done (our basement has kind of been in shambles ever since we redid the floor, but soon it will be all back to normal). And we are having my mom and Steve over for dinner on Tuesday so that's a good motivating factor to make it look really presentable. And then this week looks like this; three kind of long days at the office, Thursday working till about 3 and then headed to Parson's for my friend Ashleigh's wedding! I am one of her bridesmaids and so very excited about her wedding. Then we come back on Saturday afternoon, and Saturday night is my other great friend Kathleen's bachelorette party! And thankfully I am taking Monday off of work and we are having a cookout with the family and might run to a nice park and take a few more engagement photos for the fun of it.

Hope you all have a great week, thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Date Night

After a good but somewhat long week Matt and I went out on date last night. We had gift certificates to a nice restaurant so that made date night even sweeter. We dressed up, took our time at dinner and enjoyed a grilled salmon and a bow tie pasta with chicken and mushrooms, both very tastey. We got home, opened the windows and let this amazing fall-like weather rush through our house and watched The Reader. Interesting flick, a little odd but that's how it goes sometimes. Then waking up to the cool air, birds chirping that at one point got a little annoying but quickly switched back over to being lovely as sleeping in on a Saturday can never be bad in my opinion. We ran a few errands this morning, about to take the dogs on a walk and have a relaxing evening. I bought some new art supplies and with all this wedding planning I haven't had the energy but tonight I think I will have to play around in my art room for a bit. Tomorrow my mom and I will be working on our gifts for our wedding party and then I will go to the bridal stoe to get a bustle put in, THEN a cookout at my sisters to celebrate my dad's birthday. Hope you are havin a great weekend!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

3 day weekend

I do wish every week we had a three day weekend. I just think it sounds way more logical but whatever. This past week I have been on call for work. I truly was lucky with the smaller amount of calls I got and none of them were later than 11:30 p.m. (thank goodness!) because usually once I wake up, I am up. And I don't really want to be "up" at 2 in the morning if I can avoid it. Like I said it wasn't that bad but I will be happy to turn over the phone tomorrow morning as my on call shift ends because you never really feel off the clock when you are on call. You have to try and stay in work mode even when you are home and that was a little harder for me just because I really enjoy being off the clock. Moving on... we have designed our wedding invitations! They are sweet and simple, and Matthew did a great job on them. I will start addressing envelopes and hope to have them all out by next weekend. Yay!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tweet this

So, I don't use twitter, or tweet or anything. Not that there is anything wrong with it, I just haven't had the desire to do so... until today. I had a somewhat busy, kind of weird, overall good day but there were times that a certain thought would cross my head and I thought "that would be a good thing to tweet about". Now even typing those words I sound like a huge dork, but I'm okay with it. So my day would go something like this;

"making faces at cars as they pass on my way to work"

"wow, forced to watch over an hour of fox news at the doctor appointment, now really depressed"

"old man just hit me with his shopping cart. i. am. stunned."

*Side note to this thought; I am standing in line at a grocery store with a client waiting for her perscription to be filled. I am engaged in her story and noticed there was no more room to move up in the line and there is a good 4 to 5 feet behind me between myself and the other isle. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, I get a nice jab on my calf and just above my hip simultaneously. I remember thinking in my head as I turned around "was that a joke? is there someone i know behind me playing a trick on me?" And I turn to see a short, angry looking old man had just pushed his shopping cart into me. Seriously. His wife is pushing herself in a wheel chair behind him, with their shopping cart list in her mouth, she shouts "he said pardon me!" Now, I couldn't help but say "well I didn't hear him" that was the truth, and I just didn't know anyone to say pardon me once (because if he said it, believe me he only said it once) and then just decide forget it, I am in that much of a hurry and this person is clearly deliberatly ignoring me, they deserve a little push. from a shopping cart. and the intense couple slowly makes their way past. Luckily I was with a client and I had nothing to do but kind of smile and say "that was kind of weird" and we walked to the car. I continued to laugh to myself a little in disbelief, did that really just happen?

Moving on...
"singing regina spektor in my office, hope my boss can't hear me"

"just took the dogs for a walk, neighbor found a lost dog, seriously considering the thought of matt coming home to a third puppy"

"taking pictures of adorable beagle mix"

"new flooring in basement is awesome, but very sad watching jaxon struggle to walk on it... he looks like bambi on ice"

and now "about to go relax on the couch and watch some educational reality show...."