Thursday, September 9, 2010

Isn't our interview tomorrow and not today?

Have you ever showed up to something early?  Like... days early?  It's pretty easy to forget what day of the week it is, right?  But have you ever gone to a meeting (interview, party, etc.) today that was actually scheduled for not another time, but another day?!?  I am ending my night with an episode from season 3 of The Office, where Micheal shows up a day early to an interview for a promotion and I find it to be HILarious.

Perhaps it's because I too, did something equally as embarrassing in middle school.  One Saturday my mom drove me to my friend's house and we stood on the front porch as I rang the door bell, with my sleep over bag in hand my friend answered the door, greeted us but quickly became puzzled as to why we were there.  I thought we were invited to a sleepover?  My friend's mom joined us at the front door and her face turned into a mix of shock and irritation.  Apparently, we were invited to a sleep over but it was not happening until NEXT Saturday, also the sleep over just happened to be a SURPRISE birthday party for my friend that both my mom and I overlooked.  I am sure years later they found that to be as HILarious as my mom and I soon would.

So on to what's happenin now... my husband and I spent a good hour trying to install a ceiling fan in our guest room.  The fan we put up in our bedroom took about twenty minutes from opening the box to flipping the switch.  This guest bedroom fan was another story.  We opened the box a week ago and had our first attempt at it then.  One more try, and then tonight we were determined to finish the damn thing, sorry but there was a hint of irritation throughout the project where we kept thinking 'why is this taking so much longer than the other fan!?' 

My husband powered through the irritation and I did all I could to be the best assistant ever because let's face it, I do not want to be the captain of an electrical home project, I will however be happy to hold screwdrivers, mag lights, twist ties, and wire cutters.  So Matt did all of the brain power on this project and I was stationed underneath the fan for most of an hour holding it up while he connected the wires.  I also ran up and down the stairs about eight times to figure out our funky system.  One time the fan worked, but the light did not. Another time the closet light worked but the ceiling fan light did not.  Don't worry, we eventually figured it alllllll out. After the hour or so of holding what I am going to guess is forty pounds over my head (more realistically twelve pounds) I do not believe I will be able to lift my arms above my head tomorrow, maybe not even past my belly button.  After a week of darkness in the guest room, not only is it breezy and nice with the fan flowing exactly how it was intended to, but the four bright bulbs are shining like the sun.