Monday, September 14, 2009

One more...!

We spent just this last weekend having an excellent time at Kathleen and Charlie's wedding. Great toasts, lots of dancing, and a really good time!!

Weddings Galore!

We spent two weeks ago celebrating my good friend Ashleigh's wedding to her man Jesse. My mom and Steve were there, and Shan, Chris and Kestan too!! It was such a lovely wedding and we LOVED being apart of it.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I had a blast at my good friend Ashleigh's wedding this past weekend (pictures to follow soon). It was so fun celebrating with them, and it was kind of nice that it wasn't our wedding yet... mainly because this time is flying by already and I want to really make it last. My other good friend Kathleen is getting married this weekend and I am going to do a reading for it... let's hope I don't trip all up and down my words for that one, k? Once you find the partner you choose to spend your days with, whenever other people around you chose to do the same thing, and you can just tell it's a good decision for them... it just adds to the excitement. Most everything is set for the wedding, but there are a ton of little details that still need to be done. Like buying about 80 candles for all the holders we already have, figuring out center pieces or lack there of, buying Matt's suit (kind of a big deal, but it will work out), finishing gifts, cards, making sure all the technical stuff is taken care of, getting a marriage license.... and, you get the picture. Our weekends are filled up and now our week day evenings are quickly becoming busy, which truly... as much of a homebody as I am... I have enjoyed every busy, crazy, relaxing, fun part of this whole entire process. Regardless of how quickly time flies, th eonly thing I can do is take it all in, just be present with everything I am doing, especially anything wedding related :) and take lots of pictures. that will help. It's fun looking at the guest list and although we would have originally liked to invite every single family member ever, and old friends we care about but haven't seen in a while, I know it is going to be a day we never forget and almost all of our favorite people will be in that room with us.