Friday, February 27, 2009

i had a dream i met tina fey

30 rock, anyone?  matt and i think it is if not the best at least top three best shows ever. the jokes are quick witted like i've never seen, relevant, and smart. i think it would be a dream to write for that show, let alone be on it.  i dreamt last night, very vividly that i was at the oscars and i won some fan thing and i met oprah, tina fey and steve martin.  and no matter how cool and casual i wanted to seem, i just kept thinking of stupid things that i am sure they had heard a hundred times before. thankfully it was just a dream, i'm sure i'd be much more suave in real life. no, i wouldn't.

matt and i are going to see louis c.k. tonight, he is a very funny, kind of angry comedian.  we haven't been to a show in years and it will be so fun to sit front row and just laugh.

i have been trying to think of fun wedding stuff, felted flowers for center pieces (hasn't worked out too well yet), some funky cupcake recipes, and overall decorations.  did i mention how excited i am about all of it? for reals.  bye! 


hey yo. it's been too long. sometimes i think maybe i don't have anything interesting to say, but than again, maybe i do.  this month has flown by!  next week i start my new schedule of watching my nephew 4 days a week, coaching softball every day, and seeing two mentee's (the girls i see once a week each being a mentor).  it will be very busy, but very fun.  i have no health insurance, but i don't really mind it.  i have variety (which i love) and i really enjoy each one of my jobs and will hopefully help someone along the way, and that is all that really matters.  i am so very grateful for each of the opportunities i have chosen to take.  i know watching kestan helps my sister and brother-in-law out a lot, and i know that i am lucky to have the chance to do it. thank goodness it's springtime... we've got field trip plans like you wouldn't believe. :) i will be coaching jv this year and know it will be a great season. the two girls i see grew up similarly in a very negative environment with lots of abuse an no boundaries, yet they are very different. one is reserved, hard to read, indifferent, and the other is talkative, polite, and she walks even faster than i do.  i am trying to live in between and during all of the working and so far so good.  

Monday, February 16, 2009

babysitting k-man

Yesterday my amazing fiancee came with me to babysit our nephew Kestan while his mom and dad got the chance to spend all day out celebrating their 6 year anniversary. It's the easiest babysitting gig around, but it just made it way more fun having Matthew with us. We went to the park and he was passed out in the stroller by the time we left. Kestan had fun in the bath tub as I styled his hair, and afterwards he cuddled with Uncle Matt on the couch.

birthday dinner

Friday night we spent at my mom's house with the fam. Mom made a delicious pasta meal (twenty mile pasta- bow tie pasta, pine nuts, sun dried tomatoes, lemon juice, garlic, olive oil, artichoke hearts, and red pepper flakes - DElicious), with a yummy salad and warm bread. Kestan was in his high chair practicing throwing food on the floor and saying "ah oh". We had some intense, very fun games of ping pong. And my brother bought me the biggest balloons I have ever seen. It was a very fun night!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


this is a picture i took on a road trip that my sister and dad and i took a little over a year ago. i have a whole series of run down barn pictures that for some reason i really enjoy. it intrigues me to think who built this, bought this, and left this and it's a little sad but yet with a puffy blue sky up above it, it still seems beautiful, and peaceful. i am putting some wedding planning aside (we don't have too much to do at the moment anyways) and trying to dive back into art. writing, drawing, and organizing my photos. i look forward to it, and this is a good reminder for me to go mess with some of it right now. thanks.

balentime's day

that reminds me of a previous student i had in one of the classes i assisted, everything he said just sounded cuter. happy valentine's as they say. as cliche as it sounds i don't really care about valentine's day. truthfully if i find myself in the grocery store the day of and see a group full of middle aged men with a panicked look on their face, roses and fake chocolate in their hands... it makes me feel annoyed. why do you have to spend money on a particular day to show your partner you love them, secondly if you love them why are you frantically searching for the closest, reddest thing you can find as if it would perfectly describe your feelings? weird. i enjoy the simple, sweet things (any day) but even on valentine's day. this picture was from about three years ago, matthew and i made shrimp rolls from scratch (UNbelievably tasty) and he knows i love bamboo so he got me the heart shaped kind. now that's cute. we might be spending this holiday with a great group of friends, the game nighters with another fun filled evening of hilariousness. to you and yours, whatever you decide to do or not do, i wish you a good weekend.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

october 17th, ya'll

yep, we picked the date and couldn't be more excited!  we have our venue... which chose to have the ceremony and reception at the same location. it is rustic, sharp, unique and fun.  now on to catering and picking a photographer... i know it's just one day and i know it will be here before we know it... but the thought of having all our favorite people in one place is just overwhelming awesome, oh yea we started looking at honeymoon places too so if you've got a suggestion send it our way.
we had a nice weekend, nothing was planned, at all.  i really love those saturdays you sleep in (at least till 8:30 until the dogs start moving around) and you have nothing that you "need" to do. a few errands here and there, maybe out to lunch, house chores, and then from the afternoon on you can do whatever you feel like it. the simple things, i guess. 
my sister came over for  the bachelor night on monday night, yes we watch it and yes it's mostly ridiculous.  but i don't think we have ever had a night where just my sister comes over to our house, eats dinner, and enjoys some quality catching up time.  it makes me really appreciate the time we do get to spend together whether it's alone or with every member of our family. 
now i sit here with the kiddos watching them play... take toys from one another, checking out every inch of the room, and occasionally stopping to rest a head on each other's backs....  all their exploring really wears them out.
lastly, we started listening to a new artist, at least new to us. her name is kate nash. i think she is british, all i know is her voice and lyrics are funky.  you got to listen to them at a higher level to truly enjoy the funk, you can't resist dancing to it either.
looking forward to 60 degree weather tomorrow and playing at the park.  peace.