Friday, February 27, 2009

i had a dream i met tina fey

30 rock, anyone?  matt and i think it is if not the best at least top three best shows ever. the jokes are quick witted like i've never seen, relevant, and smart. i think it would be a dream to write for that show, let alone be on it.  i dreamt last night, very vividly that i was at the oscars and i won some fan thing and i met oprah, tina fey and steve martin.  and no matter how cool and casual i wanted to seem, i just kept thinking of stupid things that i am sure they had heard a hundred times before. thankfully it was just a dream, i'm sure i'd be much more suave in real life. no, i wouldn't.

matt and i are going to see louis c.k. tonight, he is a very funny, kind of angry comedian.  we haven't been to a show in years and it will be so fun to sit front row and just laugh.

i have been trying to think of fun wedding stuff, felted flowers for center pieces (hasn't worked out too well yet), some funky cupcake recipes, and overall decorations.  did i mention how excited i am about all of it? for reals.  bye! 


hey yo. it's been too long. sometimes i think maybe i don't have anything interesting to say, but than again, maybe i do.  this month has flown by!  next week i start my new schedule of watching my nephew 4 days a week, coaching softball every day, and seeing two mentee's (the girls i see once a week each being a mentor).  it will be very busy, but very fun.  i have no health insurance, but i don't really mind it.  i have variety (which i love) and i really enjoy each one of my jobs and will hopefully help someone along the way, and that is all that really matters.  i am so very grateful for each of the opportunities i have chosen to take.  i know watching kestan helps my sister and brother-in-law out a lot, and i know that i am lucky to have the chance to do it. thank goodness it's springtime... we've got field trip plans like you wouldn't believe. :) i will be coaching jv this year and know it will be a great season. the two girls i see grew up similarly in a very negative environment with lots of abuse an no boundaries, yet they are very different. one is reserved, hard to read, indifferent, and the other is talkative, polite, and she walks even faster than i do.  i am trying to live in between and during all of the working and so far so good.