Thursday, February 25, 2010


Laser peel
Face rejuvenation
Eye lift
Tummy tuck
Skin peel
Die your hair
Pluck those brows
Tighten that top
Iron those jeans
Higher heels then before
Wrinkles and white hair

Dry skin
Rolls of your stomach
Embrace it or shame it
Feel it or hide it

If they didn’t tell you how to feel, you would feel good
You would see yourself as you
Your spirit, engulfed in a body form
A body you should be kind to
Smile and enjoy it
Live through your heart not through your shallow eyes

He looks more handsome with age
She must be fake, and hide, runaway

I understand; be healthy, exercise, be fit
But indulge from time to time
Embrace the body you were given
Do not judge others strictly for how they look

Not in this house, in this house you can be fully you
You can look how you feel without being judged
You can eat some fries without feeling guilty
You can run around the block and gain strength within yourself
But it has nothing to do with the faces you meet throughout the day
The bodies that stumble across your page
Walking lightly, feeling empty and confused

After 27 years I have finally come to a place where I accept my body
I don’t always love it, but I accept it and let it be what it needs to be
I feel my skin jiggle as I jump rope, that’s okay
I see the lines in my cheeks from years of laughter and I smile
I have the proof of my enjoyment of life in the mirror

My hands get dry when the weather is cold
I am grateful for the ability to work with my hands
To get a few cuts and scrapes here and there
That’s my body, doing work
Nothing on my body is fake
No extensions
No implants

You do not have to live by the ways of the plastics
You do not have to change yourself in any way
Try to be more real
To think that your clothes define you is ludicrous
You fear the natural sense of the very earth that brought you here

Surround yourself with class
Push yourself towards etiquette
Surgery will fix you
They will accept you once you change

Mark my skin
Change my hair line
Tighten my folds
Shot in the head
Drugs in my body
Mark up my skin

Hammer rock my nose
You get that little tuck
And it makes you feel better about yourself
You think it’s more external than internal, really?!

If your mind was set then you would accept your body!
Your justifications never end
You will either start to love or run out of money

Which will you chose?

A client.

A teenager trying to raise two more
She was hurt then and they’ve been hurt before

The hypocrisy runs rampant
And the bigotry goes wild

They refuse your solutions
They sulk in their sadness
Never learning
Never changing
Never growing

It’s not your fault, you say?
Your child is no longer your responsibility, why?

The courts have to get involved in order for you to care
About your child’s education

Gratitude falls short
You attach to meaningless details
The money you make you spend like a child
Your future will only look like yesterday
Because you refuse to do anything different

A teenager trying to raise two more
You were hurt then and now you’ve hurt them more