Wednesday, March 25, 2009

engagement photos

good morning! we have officially hired my very talented brother-in-law chris to do our wedding pictures.  we started last week with a few pictures downtown right across the street from our wedding venue. it started off cheesy, and funny. but by the end, the sunset was just right, perfect hair blowing wind, and some random cool graffiti as our backdrop. i feel like there is a little breathing room right now with planning... however we are still trying to pick a caterer and probably will do so in the next two weeks.  we have our first softball game tomorrow, hopefully it doesn't rain and all will be well. i made this delicious "summer pasta" i like to call it, that my mom used to (and still does) make. it's perfect on a warm summer day to eat on the patio. but i just had to make it sooner... cook regular spaghetti pasta and let it cool, then add (whatever you want really) cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, a little garlic, and cover it all with italian dressing. keep it cool in the fridge. love it.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

oh, deer

yesterday i was out with one of the girls i mentor (they call them mentees but that just sounds like a breath mint to me, so i'm trying to come up with a new name) and we were driving back to her house along this long windy road.  an area where we often see deer and turkeys.  suddenly she asked me, "do deers live under ground?" and sadly, i had to pause and think about it.... i knew they didn't but i questioned "where DO they live?" so i responded "no... they live on ground, above ground... in.... fields... by, leaves, and trees.  they kind of just hang out in fields, and probably sleep near other deers.. by trees... and grass." 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

first day of stress

yesterday was a fun day spent mostly playing outside in lawrence with my mom, sister, and nephew.  but it was also a day where i first felt the stress of planning a wedding that most people talk about.  it was short lived, and when i remember to keep things in perspective, not a big deal. but it is interesting the things you come across when planning a wedding.  so much preparation for one day. granted, it deserves all the time spent but at the end of the day it should be a great time for the bride and groom.  a time of the most celebration with the people you want to celebrate with.  i know that you can't please everyone.  i also know it is most important to stick with what matt and i want and envision for this day. 

kestan and i went to the park this morning, we walked than he fell asleep in the stroller so i layed on a park bench for over and hour.  i worked through our guest list, and read a book, and than i just layed there staring up at the trees and feeling the warm sun on my skin and the breeze in my hair.  i needed that nothingness, which was also something.  i have to remind myself that i can just be, i don't always have to be reading, drawing, watching, moving, it's a good time to attempt to quiet my thoughts.  

driving home with the windows down, the idea of eating the rest of my turkey sandwich was not appealing.  i went to a great mexican restaurant and bought chicken fajitas for my lunch. it was a nice treat. 

Friday, March 6, 2009


hi! things have been very busy, but very fun. i have been gone from the house for 14 hours a day (not every day but a few times) and people that have to or chose to do that all the time... i just couldn't do it. i miss matt, i miss our dogs, i miss being at home. but if i had to pick a busy to be, this is the one i would pick. hanging with my nephew all day, softball practice, team dinners, a girls basketball game, being outside, field trips, spending time as a mentor, and eventually relaxing.  this kind of weather fills my soul, i love it. although i have officially started wearing sunscreen. awesome. today we are going to see my mom, and then my dad and shannon. i had to borrow this picture from shannon.. kestan a little while ago playing in the leaves.