Saturday, April 10, 2010

Neti what?

Matt has bad allergies and today his eyes started to get blood shot because of them. After dinner out at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants (that always makes us think of the delicious food we had on our honeymoon) we went to CVS and bought a 'neti pot', ya know one of those tea pots that you drip water through your nose in order to hopefully clear out all your sinuses (I always think of Dwight Schrute using it on the first season of The Office). Of course we had to document this unusual new purchase in use.

I was trying my best to be supportive. Not too sure if the neti pot did it's job or not, but let's hope so !

Also, while at CVS we found an adorable dog bed that I thought was the perfect little size for Ellie. The second we bring it home I put it on the ground and encouraged Ellie to get on it... within thirty seconds she walked by it and Jaxon quickly placed himself on top of it and has not moved since.

Apparently it will be Jaxon's new bed as Ellie is reluctant to give up her spot on Jaxon's oversized bed.