Wednesday, March 21, 2012

10 things I am happy for today as a new parent...

10.  Seeing my baby girl walk, with assistance of course.  But goodness, does this girl love walking.  Hold hands and lift her up, and she is off.  Even if she is bugging out, nothing will cheer her up faster than getting to walk around. 

9.  I love seeing the determined look my girl gets on her face when she sees something she wants.  Usually a toy, but it could also be anything new that enters her line of vision.  Today it was my glass of water.  She eyed it so hard, then looked at me and back at the water.  Sure why not? I thought.  I let her try and figure out how to take the tiniest sip of water out of it, and as the water rolled down her face her eyes lit up and let me know that I had opened a door.  Now I need to make sure to have a tight grip on any glass I hold or it is either going to her face or on the floor.

8.  Sleeping.  I have never been one of those people that can fall asleep in three minutes or less (my husband) but you would think after a good but long day watching my daughter all day or running errands that I would fall asleep faster than before.  False.  I find that as soon as my head hits the pillow my body is worn out, but my mind is racing.  I think about important things to really ridiculous things that make me even say in my head 'why in the heck did that just come into your brain?!'  So needless to say when I eventually do fall asleep, it's nice.

7.  Hummus.  I do believe some days I eat half my body weight of hummus.  It is a delicious snack but more importantly it is fast.  And some days I just have a minute to grab some food if my girl wants to play or needs my attention, hummus is the way to go.

6.  The two bottom teeth that now peak out of my girl's mouth every time she smiles.

5.  Clean clothes.

4.  A hot shower.

3.  Hearing my girl "talk" more, she is trying out more "pft" and "bbb" sounds along with her usual "mmmm momma mom ma".  So sweet hearing her little voice.

2.  The fact that I have figured out exactly which parts of the floor in our entire house creak and which parts are safe to walk on.  We play music while Brynn sleeps but sometimes it still seems to quiet in there and I will not risk me walking around the house to wake her up.  I think the show Up All Night should do an episode just on how new parents eat (with one hand, or shoveling food down quick before the baby gets upset or needs you) and watch t.v. (quietly or near silent).  Oh how things have changed... but thank goodness for it.

1.  The thumbs up my husband and I give each other (depending on who puts girlie girl to sleep that night) and the big sigh of relief we feel afterwards.  Sometimes she just doesn't want to miss the party and fights going to sleep, but other times she falls asleep easy. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thursday, March 8, 2012

What we've been up to....

 Oh goodness, we borrowed this great new toy from a friend and Brynn likes it more and more every day.  It is so fun to see her get excited and bounce around in that thing.  And her face lights up anytime she makes eye contact with me or Matt while she is playing.
 Matt's mom came to visit and got some good playing time in with Brynn.  My dad stops by about once a week to visit and Brynn just loves it.  She really studies their faces and observes everything they do while they are playing too.
 Brynn is a good eater!  She has now had peas, sweet potatoes, bananas, avocados and butternut squash soup will be next. She will giggle when she gets the food in her hand and plays with it, so cute.

 I made this onesie for my friend Megan's son.  I have liked getting in an art project or two here and there considering I have done much of that lately.
 I can't get enough of this girl, not only is she beautiful and sweet, she is so much fun to be around!  And she loves reading!
 This is me clipping her toe nails, we do this about every other day.  Matt is not comfortable doing this on her tiny hands and toes and I will say after 6 months of doing this I am quite the pro.
 My big girl sits up so well on her own now and she still smiles and is so proud of herself every time she stands up.
 This is her excited face, whenever she sees a new toy (in this picture she was lunging towards the camera) she will open her mouth up like that, her eyes get big and she darts towards whatever it is she wants.
Brynn doesn't mind tummy time at all now and she is scooting herself around whenever she gets determined to move towards a toy.  Can't believe I managed a post update when she is on the floor rolling around all over the place, don't worry I'm still watching her... :)