Thursday, June 30, 2011

I just have to say...

Isn't it interesting when you talk to someone who always has something negative to say?  They always pick out the one thing that isn't working out for them or that everything would be great if it weren't for that one thing?  I find this irritating and confusing and I hope I never do it (I'm not saying I've never done it, but I hope I don't any more...)  All you can think about is getting pregnant and now that you are, you are so quick to complain about it?  You are dying to go on vacation and once you are there, you don't think the weather is nice enough?  You are so busy with work and the one day you are not as busy you feel bored?

Don't worry this post won't last long, I just have to say how important it is to be grateful for where you are at and to be able to acknowledge all the good in your life.  I know nothing and no one is perfect but now that we know that, let's move on!  Let's not expect everything to always work out no matter what.  Let's not expect everything to be perfect therefore you are less likely to be disappointed.

I just think we need to spend more time being grateful.  Finding the good in every day.  Finding the good in the people we come in contact with.  And this is a good reminder to us all and to myself.  We took some photos of Matt and I and my baby bump and it was so fun to just revel in my pregnancy a little bit more.  Yes it's hot out and yes I am moving slower than I ever have but it's for a bigger purpose and I am grateful for the time to slow down.  I wish a better perspective and a little more gratitude for us all.